About Me

woman hiking

Hi! I'm Heather!

I'm the Certified Holistic Nutritionist (CHN) and Certified Health Coach (CHC) who founded Heather's Health Habits. We lead personalized, science-based nutrition and mindset coaching programs designed to help men and women achieve their health goals.


Personalization is key! Your body and lifestyle is unique. This is why general programs aimed at everyone only work for a short period of time and are not sustainable. 

I created a love hate relationship with food and my health starting at 9 years old. It took many decades of trial and error to understand my body and what works for me. Through this shift of understanding and education, I learned that my health is a constant work in progress.


As my lifestyle and health change over time, so do the strategies I use to stay healthy. I've overcome high blood pressure, weight gain and weight fluctuations, fatigue, frequent bloating and gas, constipation, anxiety, stress, skin rashes and brain fog. 

Here is what I gained by eliminating my poor health: increased energy, improved concentration, stable weight, regular bowel movements, no bloating and gas, normal blood pressure and no anxiety. 

I founded Heather's Health Habits to help busy people develop personalized habits to achieve their health goals and eliminate poor health which restores their zest for life!