10 Remarkable Muffins For The Ultimate Healthy Gut

When the weather starts to cool off, I want to start baking. But if you have an unhealthy gut, either diagnosed with IBS, Chron's, Colitis or any other gut disease, baking can cause quite a challenge. It almost feels like you can't enjoy foods you used to because they have become the enemy.

10 remarkable muffins for gut health

I know how you are feeling and I am here to help. Not only can you learn how to cook and bake foods that are gut-friendly, you can also learn the best food for gut health. Even if it is a muffin! The key is to look for specific ingredients that are known for improving gut health. But what if you haven't been formally diagnosed with an unhealthy gut?

If you are suffering from bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, bloating, brain fog or abdominal pain, your gut needs to heal. From the foods we eat, to how we cook them, food can truly be one of the best approaches to relieve the embarrassing symptoms of an unhealthy gut.

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Now, back to cold weather and baking muffins. Normally, I eat overnight oatmeal for breakfast most days of the week. Overnight oatmeal is easy to make and it can be eaten hot or cold. Plus, oatmeal is very good for the gut. Oatmeal contains beta-glucan which forms a gel-like substance when it mixes with water. This solution coats the stomach and digestive tract. The coating feeds good bacteria in the gut, which increases their growth rate and can contribute to a healthy gut. (Source: Medical News Today)

baking muffins is fun on cold winter days

While I love oatmeal, it can get boring having oatmeal everyday. Muffins are a great break! It satisfies my carb-loving side while still being healthy. You don't need to use eggs, you can use flax eggs instead, if eggs are a food allergy for you. There are also endless amounts of flour substitutes for gut healthy options, if gluten is an issue.

I personally don't have an issue with gluten but I am cutting back on it. Especially because gluten does not provide essential nutrients. Our bodies have enough to contend with on a daily basis to keep us healthy. Why eat ingredients that aren't beneficial?