Flextarian Staples

I've been following a flextarian diet for years now. It all started because I was reading about how adding more fruits, vegetables & whole grains to your diet and limiting meat consumption was better for your health. Who doesn't want to proactively do something to manage your health? After all, if you lose your health, you may not be able to do all the things you want to do.

First I started with 1 day per week, eating only vegetarian meals - breakfast, lunch & dinner. During the first year, I slowly increased it to 3-4 days per week. The rest of the time I will eat meat or fish. But I find that even for lunch, I now default to heavy vegetables dishes and smaller portions of meat.

After doing this for a year, I went for my annual physical. Guess what? My cholesterol had dropped by 20 points! It wasn't even that high! I was shocked to see results like that! I didn't even think about the health effects of being flextarian. I simply knew eating meat all the time is not that good for you. I've also been able to more easily control my weight by balancing vegetable dishes 3-4 days a week & meat or fish the rest of the time.

I've created this simple list of flextarian staples that I keep in my house to quickly create vegetarian meals. FYI - this routine is so easy I was even able to get my significant other to eat 1-2 days vegetarian. He is a typical meat & potatoes guy but even he likes some of the meat substitutes that are on the market. Enjoy!

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