1 Must Try for Your Health

If you haven't gotten on the overnight oatmeal band-wagon, it is a MUST Try! I love overnight oatmeal because you can make it days before you eat it. That's right! I make 3-4 servings of the stuff every Sunday to ensure I have a healthy breakfast during very busy mornings. The best part about overnight oatmeal is you can customize the add-ins & toppings.

Personally, I add in ground flaxseed to get omega's in my diet, Hemp Seeds for protein to help me feel full longer, and half scoop of pea protein powder. Next, I top it with sunflower seeds or walnuts, whatever nuts I have in the house. The day I eat it, I warm up frozen blueberries and put those on top. Yummy! Plus blueberries are known to help support your cognitive health.

Below is my recipe for one serving. When making multiple servings, get out several Tupperware storage containers & make the recipe right in the containers! Easy & no clean-up until you eat them! enjoy!

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