Meal Planning Sunday: Dinners for the week

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Even when the weather is good - I need to meal plan! If I didn't do it, we'd be eating horrible food all week long! Especially by the end of the work day, I am exhausted. I get up at 4:30 AM to workout prior to work; then drive 1 hour to the office (but I love where I live so it is worth it!). Work is always stressful & driving home can take up to 1.5 hours!


What makes my meal planning a little more challenging is that I am flextarian & my significant other is a meat & potatoes man - who will eat a vegetarian meal 1 day a week. Sometimes I sneak in 2 days (shhh - he doesn't know). So here is my dinner plan for the week:

Monday: Vegan Stuffed Peppers - click for recipe

  • Made with Quorn, a meat substitute, rice, diced mushrooms, frozen spinach, onions, mix a little tomato sauce in to hold it all together & add spices (such as garlic, black pepper & onion powder).

  • The great thing about this meal is I stuff the peppers on Sunday & then my significant other pops them in the oven 30 minutes before I get home!

Tuesday: Chicken Saute with broccoli & corn

  • Using affordable chicken strips, I season & saute the chicken in olive oil & spices for my significant other. For me, I eat Gardein Seven Grain crispy tenders but have the broccoli & corn as side dishes.

  • The key to this meal is that we are not eating rice, potatoes or any other high-carb side dish. Now I know, corn is a starchy vegetable, but I have to compromise with my high-carb loving significant other! Like I said - he is a meat & potatoes man. Plus, canned corn (not creamed) has fewer carbs per serving than a white potato.

Wednesday: Smothered Pork Chops with green beans

  • We are still getting peppers from the garden! I love sauteing them with onions & mushrooms and then putting the veggies on top of the meat for my man. I'll have a veggie burger with the veggies.

  • I put the onions in the pan first so they can get brown & sweet while the pork chops cook.

  • I season the pork chops with pepper, onion powder & paprika, then put them in a pan to cook.

  • A salad is included with cherry tomatoes from the garden, black olives & blue cheese

  • Twenty minutes later - dinner!

Thursday: Baked Chicken Breast with rice & salad - click here to try this recipe from the Kitchn

  • We really like chicken breasts with ribs when they are on sale. I can never eat a whole one which means there are left-overs for lunch.

  • We've been trying to perfect a crunchy coating for the chicken & have tried all types of methods:

  • coating the chicken in mayo

  • rinsing in an egg wash then coating with bread crumbs

  • dipping in milk then spices

  • A flavored rice side dish will accompany the chicken. Although, I've been reading recipes that mimic the packaged rice side dishes so I may start making that on Sunday to stop using processed rice.

  • This meal is usually something my significant other cooks - which is a nice trade-off given he has a much shorter commute than me (8 miles one-way).

Friday: Pizza night!

That's right - my man makes pizza. And he has it down to a science! We use a stone that is heated in a really hot oven. Easily 500 degrees or more (however hot your oven will get). Toppings are spicy sausage, mushrooms and green peppers. We have been enjoying the peppers from the garden! While the sausage is not so healthy, we at least are able to monitor how much is put on.

Hope this week's meal plan inspires your own weekly meal planning!

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