You are what you eat?

Updated: Nov 7, 2020


This cartoon, found on Cassie Bond's Alkaline Paleo Diet Blog, made me start thinking about our food choices. While I enjoy healthy eating (I follow a flextarian diet balancing vegetarian/vegan food days with meat-eating days), I don't restrict myself if I want something indulgent. It is all about balance for me.

But I also understand how difficult it can be for others to start eating healthier or to stay motivated to keep eating healthy food choices. A lot of times, I hear people talking about "how bad" a certain food is or "how unhealthy" something is. I believe this negative dialogue, whether it is spoken out-loud or just thought about, sabotages our good intentions.

So I've put together this handy guide that can help stop the negative thoughts and start promoting an acceptance of balance in our lives. What do you think? Can you overcome the negativity and start balancing food choices?

healthy choice

I hope the above suggestions help you think differently about how to make food choices that are healthy. Remember the 80/20 rule: 80% of the time you'll be able to eat healthy while 20% of the time you won't due to travel, vacation, holidays, etc. What is important is that by making small changes in your routine you'll be able to balance those choices.

Tell me if you have been able to make a small change in your routine to become more healthy.

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