Easy Smoothies

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I really like having a smoothie twice a week for breakfast. Usually breakfast is overnight oatmeal warmed up and topped with frozen blueberries. It is a filling breakfast and the blueberries add powerful antioxidants. But I also like smoothies! I've tried to "perfect" smoothie recipes at home. I buy the ingredients and blend them but they never have the right balance. Sometimes they have too much fiber in them from the veggies and other times they have too much sweetness because I've used too much fruit.

apple smoothie

But now I have perfect smoothies every time! And they are organic and always taste great. I am using Daily Harvest. This company has perfected great tasting smoothies & they arrive at my house depending on my schedule! That means, if I have too many smoothies in the freezer because I've been traveling or forgot to make a smoothie - I simply cancel the next order & reschedule when I think I will need more.

cherry smoothie

Daily Harvest has plenty of subscription packages to choose from. I only get 6 delivered because my boyfriend doesn't care for smoothies. Plus, Daily Harvest is expanding into all types of frozen meals. I love their zucchini chickpea minestrone soup. It is low sodium and cooks up very quickly. They also have smoothie bowls & overnight oats as well.

avocado smoothie

My favorite flavor smoothie are the Acai & Cherry (in fact this was so popular when it launched they were quickly out of stock!), Cocoa Avocado and the Apple with Greens. Not only do they taste great but Daily Harvest also tells you why they are good for you! The website is www.daily-harvest.com

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