Meal Planning: Fall Dinner Classics

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

It is officially fall! I love fall! The change of weather (when can I turn off my air-conditioning???), being outdoors before it gets really cold and the fall fashion of course. But fall weather also means warming, cozy and hearty dinners. Now that summer produce is transitioning to fall staples, I felt this weeks dinners would be a combination of that transition. After all, the green pepper plants in my garden are still producing!

Here are a collection of main dishes that remind me of fall. Just click on the name of the dish to go to the recipe. If you try them, tell me how you liked them! Also, tell me of any enhancements you did to make it your own. Enjoy!


Spinach Lasagna perfect for meatless Mondays! Plus an ultimate comfort food with all that gooey cheese. Pair this with a salad or a side of broccoli if you don't have time to make salads. I always keep frozen broccoli on hand because it is a quick side-dish and goes well with a lot of main dishes. Since this can be made prior to the week, it frees up time during the week - plus leftovers can be packed up for lunch! Veg it up!



Pork Loin Roast is very versatile. It can be made ahead of time on Sunday and reheated. Plus it goes well with a variety of side dishes. Serve a flavored rice dish, or couscous (my boyfriend doesn't like it), or a side of wide noodles tossed in butter. I would serve this with two servings of vegetables to cut down on carbohydrates during the week. String beans & broccoli or with a salad.

pork recipe


Vegetarian alert! Who doesn't love risotto? Plus, given the popularity of one-bowl dinners, it is on trend! LOL! Although, you could say risotto is the original one-bowl meal. Try this Mushroom Risotto and pair it with a salad. It makes a hearty, cozy meal and gives another option for a vegetarian meal by swapping out the chicken broth for vegetable broth. But if you feel like you need to add meat to this dish, I would choose chicken and lightly saute it with garlic in olive oil.

mushroom recipe


Ok - so I know I have a Pork Loin Roast above, but we tend to eat a lot of pork in our house. It is usually less expensive than chicken. This Garlic Rosemary Pork Chops with Brussel Sprouts makes my mouth water! When the brussel sprouts get all crispy from being roasted - they are awesome! And so healthy for you. I try to incorporate them at least once a month.

pork recipe


We try to eat at least 1 serving of fish per week. It all depends on what is on sale. However, this Sriracha-Butter Cod recipe is easy to swap out the cod for say - tilapia. Also, you can modify the amount of sriracha if you don't like sauces that are very spicy.

fish recipe

Enjoy making the above recipes for a weeks worth of healthy meals. Follow my blog on Bloglovin!

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