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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

We make 35,000 decisions a day! Isn't that exhausting just reading it? Of those decisions, we make 200 food & drink related decisions per day, according to a Cornell study. So if we are making so many decisions about food & drinks per day, what stops us from making healthy decisions? It turns out we are mostly on auto-pilot. That's right! We simply don't think about it.

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The study states that we are influenced by our surroundings - whether it is people, a lot of options (think buffet line or supermarket food stations), plate size or lack of time. So how do we change this? Since we probably can't do much about our surroundings (let's face it our daily lives are routine such as getting kids off to school and going to work) it made me start thinking about meal planning.

I know - meal planning is not sexy nor is it perceived as easy. But it can be! If you start slowly, meal planning can easily become part of your routine. I challenge you to pick one day where you plan what you are going to have for lunch. I think lunch is the biggest challenge because breakfast we decide if we eat it or not. Dinner is usually easier because you have staples at home that can easily become dinner.

Lunch is unique. You may be running errands and need to eat something quickly. Or you may be at work need to pick something up at the cafeteria. Or you may have a lunch business meeting. But just picking one day during the week where you plan your lunch may help you make healthier food decisions.

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Below are 5 easy, healthy lunch recipes to try. If you try one of them, let me know if it helped you make a healthier food decision. Enjoy!



Chicken & Veggies are so simple. You can make chicken and veggies for dinner & then use the left-overs for lunch.

Avocado  chicken

Chicken Avocado Roll-Ups are versatile because if you don't have wraps handy, you can simply put this on two slices of bread!

Turkey Feta Wrap can use turkey from the deli counter or (if you have time) sauteed turkey tenderloins found in the poultry section of the supermarket.


Another simple recipe are Tuna Stuffed Tomatoes. Healthy and yummy!

Meatless Chili can also do double duty as dinner & leftovers for lunch!

chili recipe

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