Muffin Mania: 10 Awesome Muffins

Updated: Jul 15

Fall baking season is here! When the weather starts to cool off, I want to start baking. Normally, I eat overnight oatmeal for breakfast 4 days a week. Overnight oatmeal is easy to make and you can eat it hot or cold. Plus, oatmeal is very good for you - it may help you manage your cholesterol levels.

Anyway, muffins! I like to have variety for breakfast because it can get mundane and very routine having oatmeal everyday. Muffins are a great break! It satisfies my carb-loving side and can still be healthy. I mean - you don't need to use eggs - you can use flax eggs - or instead of white flour, substitute whole wheat flour or other healthy flours available at the supermarket or go flourless! The options are endless!

Below are a collection of great muffin recipes. Simply click on the name of the muffin to be brought to the recipe. Try one or try them all! Let me know what you think of them.

1) Apple Pie Muffins - what a fabulous way to take advantage of fall's favorite fruit!

2) Pumpkin Wheat Honey Muffins - did you know pumpkin is high in Vitamin A? Satisfying and healthy muffin for breakfast.

3) Morning Glory Muffins from the Brown Eyed Baker. She states they are like having carrot cake for breakfast but without the cream cheese frosting.

muffin recipe

4) Zucchini Chocolate Chip muffins - a great way to take advantage of end of summer zucchini bounties!

5) Maple Muffins with Oat Streusel - this muffin recipe is on trend! Have you seen all the maple products out there? Plus, with the oat streusel adds fiber.

6) Quinoa Muffins - this is a must try! Quinoa is high in protein which keeps you fuller longer.