Products I Love! Facials!

I cannot believe I haven't had a professional facial until now! I was at a spa bachorlette party & decided instead of getting my nails done or having a massage let me try a facial. I had no idea what to expect. I have dry skin - always have - but do not suffer from pimples or black heads. So I figured this would just be relaxing.

What I wasn't expecting was the neck and back massage! I work on a computer all day long. Thus, my neck and shoulders are always in pain. While the technician (I am not sure what to call her) worked on my face, she also gave me a great massage that helped my sore neck and shoulders. I couldn't believe how relaxed I was and how good my skin felt.

So (of course) I bought the products she used on my face. The brand of the products are Babor. I've never heard of the brand before. But I am hoping to replicate the spa experience at home. Since I bought the products at the spa, I am sure I paid too much. But I found the products on Amazon! Who doesn't love Amazon?? Click on this sentence to access one of the Barbor products I love.

I admit I am not a prime member because I never need anything within two days! And let's face it, if you can plan ahead of time, the free shipping of 5-8 days is all anyone needs. I am so excited to work this new skin care regimen and to know that I can buy the products on Amazon! If you try the products, let me know how you liked them!

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