Hearty Dinners for Cold Nights

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

I love the cold weather. It's funny because even though I live by the beach, which I love going to in the summer, nothing makes me happier than when the weather turns cold. In fact, when we retire, we plan on moving somewhere that is cold and has snow! When the weather turns cold, I start thinking of cooking hearty dinners to keep us warm inside.

Hearty doesn't have to mean meat-based! I stay true to my flextarian self and still have vegetarian or vegan dinners while I cook a meatless Monday meal for my man along with meat-based dinners. He is a meat & potatoes man after-all. But I have made some progress with him. Now he has at least two dinners a week where he has two veggies with a meat-dish instead of always eating potatoes, rice or noodles.

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Vegetarian Mexican Tortilla Casserole. This is a fun way to have a meatless Monday and I promise you, your family won't even miss the meat! Serve with a salad and even add a side of green beans to increase the veggie intake. Click here for the recipe.

vegetarian recipe

Crock Pot Chicken Thighs. This recipe is easy to put together in the morning, turn on the crock-pot and let it cook all day. Or you can make it on the weekend and quickly heat it up for dinner. This is one dinner where rice is mandatory due to the delectable sauce. I would also add sauteed broccoli and cauliflower to get some veggies into the mix. Click here for the recipe.

chicken recipe

Balsamic Roast Pork Tenderloin. Ok so this recipe is probably something you want to make & eat in the same evening. But it can still be reheated! The great thing about this recipe is it can be ready in 35 minutes. So it is not that difficult to get done during the week. Serve with Brussel sprouts and corn for a light dinner. Click here for the recipe.

pork recipe

Ham with zucchini noodles. This is not my first recipe with zucchini noodles! I love them because they are super-quick and easy to make. Plus, it is a fun way to serve zucchini. I buy ham steaks at the grocery store because they are super affordable and quick to cook. Click here for the recipe.

ham recipe

Crock-pot Chicken Taco Chili. This is a crowd-pleaser! And can easily be made the same day or several days ahead of time. I like the fact that it uses chicken and while the recipe calls for chicken breast, I would easily substitute ground chicken. Click here for the recipe.

chili recipe

Happy cooking & eating!

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