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Tea has a lot of great health benefits. In fact, I have so many different types of tea in my house, it can be tough to find time to drink them all! The Tea Association of the USA states tea is the most widely consumed beverage next to water and can be found in 80% of households. So not only am I a tea fan, there are plenty of others out there too. If you are one of them, please let me know what type of tea you love to drink and why.

I know there are a lot of purists out there who make their own tea combinations. But I usually don't have time to do that. My favorite brand of tea is Yogi Tea. Some teas I find are harsh on my stomach but Yogi tea seems to work well with my system. They have all kinds of teas for specific health benefits. Here are some of my favorites:


There is nothing better than waking up and making a chai tea latte. I need something strong to get me motivated for the gym during the week. Waking up at 4:30 AM to get to the gym by 5:00 is not always easy! Yogi Chai tea contains Cardamom & Ginger which are both warming spices; Cinnamon bark, Clove bud, Stevia leaf, and black pepper. As you can see by the list of ingredients this a great spicy get up & go blend which is why I drink it in the AM. If you need a little sweetness, simply add raw honey or steamed milk. I drink this so often I buy a 6 pack from amazon.


When I work at the office, I don't have the ability to make a 3:00 Matcha latte so I rely on Yogi Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life for that 3:00 energetic kick. I usually have an energy slump at 3:00 and this tea definitely gets me through the rest of the day. This tea contains Garcinia Cambogia Fruit Extract with Ginseng and Eleuthero Extracts to support stamina. And boy does it smell good! The office I work at is an open environment and my fellow desk mates tell me how good it smells every time!


Also during the day, I'll drink lemon ginger tea. I've really noticed a difference with my digestion when drinking this tea. It contains all kinds of healing ingredients: ginger (duh), lemongrass, licorice root, peppermint leaf and black pepper. I sip this tea slowly and even at room temperature it tastes great. While you can also buy this on amazon, I don't drink it that often so I usually just buy it at the local supermarket.

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