4 secrets of people who routinely workout

Working out on a regular basis is hard! Our lives are so demanding between work, family, maintaining a house and trying to squeeze in a little fun. So aren't you envious of those people who stick to a workout routine? What is their secret? I'm going to reveal their secrets in this blog post plus tell you how you can use these secrets to your advantage.


SECRET #1: They enjoy their chosen workout

The reason people stick with a workout routine is they found an activity that they really love! They look forward to the workout. If you aren't working out regularly right now, this may seem odd to you. How can someone love their workout? But this simply means you haven't tried different classes or gyms to find out what you like.


Most gyms or classes have a either a first class free program or a reduced rate for a week to see if the gym or class works for you. There are all sorts of classes you can try for free! Zumba, kick-boxing, spin/cycling, Mega-former, Yoga, Cross-fit, Interval training - the list goes on and on. So look in your local area for fitness routines and ask for a free trial.

Since the class will be new to you, don't expect to be able to do the routine flawlessly. Most routines take at least 5 classes to really understand how to maximize the benefits of the class. The important point about the trial is to figure out if the class is something you can stick with and be excited about doing regularly.

SECRET #2: They schedule their workouts

You schedule work, doctor's appointments, sporting events, trips to visit family - why not schedule your workout routine? You will be more likely to stick to a routine if you write or post it in your calendar. Another benefit of putting it into your calendar is you can see the progress you've made and feel good about it!


Plus, scheduling your workouts will lead to a more varied routine which will keep it interesting. If you find a gym that has a full calendar of classes, then you can schedule Spin/Cycling on Monday, Weight/Strength training on Tuesday, Wednesday is a rest day, Thursday Zumba and Friday elliptical machine day. The point is a schedule will help you develop discipline to workout regularly!

SECRET #3: They don't beat themselves up if they miss a day

Life happens! Even when you are in a routine and scheduling workouts, there will be days where you miss the schedule. Don't be upset with yourself. Instead, simply get back on track for the next scheduled day. The key to working out routinely is to allow for missed days. It is the long-term routine that will change your body and mind, not the short-term.


If you do miss a day, there are other things you can do throughout the day to make up for the lack of working out. Try to walk more by parking further from the office building or store. If you work in an office, look for a standing desk so you can stand more vs. sit throughout the day. Also, incorporate more vegetables and fruit into meals to avoid feeling like you haven't done enough for your body on that day.

SECRET #4: They don't use a scale

What? No scale? How do you know if the workout is working? Look - you may have a weight loss goal and that is great. But stepping onto a scale everyday can only lead to frustration, bad feelings and then not sticking with the routine.


There are other benefits you will notice when you are working out regularly. Clothes will fit differently. It may mean you have lost weight or it could mean you have increased muscle. Routine health appointments may show lower blood pressure or cholesterol levels. These are all benefits of a regular workout routine.

If you must weigh yourself, make sure you do it at the same time, in the same place, with as few clothes on as possible (naked is always best). Plus, make sure you know how your body is feeling. The night before you may have had something salty or it may be that time when you are bloated. Don't beat yourself up over weight fluctuations. It is natural for weight to fluctuate even throughout the day by about 3-5 pounds.

I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to start a workout regimen that you can stick with. If you do, please let me know what you are doing and how you are keeping it in your schedule. Follow my blog on Bloglovin.

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