Flavors of the Season: Leeks

Updated: Jul 25

Leeks! I love them! There is something so unique about the taste and texture. I think they really lend themselves well to a variety of recipes. And they are really good for you.

According to WHFoods.com leeks, like garlic and onions, belong to a vegetable family called the Allium vegetables. Since leeks are related to garlic and onions, they contain many of the same beneficial compounds found in these well-researched, health-promoting vegetables. Leeks are also an excellent source of Vitamin K. They are also a very good source of Vitamin B6, Iron and Folate.

Enough about the nutritional aspects - let's get to the recipes. I've complied some really interesting ways to incorporate leeks into a variety of dishes. If you try any of the below, please let me know what you think. Follow my blog on Bloglovin.


Creamed Leeks with Garlic and Cream Cheese from DitchTheCarbs.com. This is a unique side dish that is satisfying yet low-carb. The best part is it only takes 10 minutes to cook! How do you not try this? Pairs well with chicken breast of pork chops. Click here for the recipe.

Leek recipe

Leek and Mushroom Chicken Skillet from Iowa Girl Eats. This is a 30 minute recipe where the chicken is dredged in flour (could be gluten-free if needed) in order to get that nice light coating that adheres well with the mushroom and leek juices. Click here for the recipe.

chicken recipe

Leek and Parmesan Muffins from Healthy Seasonal Recipes. I think I have died and gone to food heaven! I never thought to use leeks in a muffin. What a great side with a lunch salad or vegetable soup. Can't wait to try these. Click here for the recipe.

muffin recipe

Shrimp, Leek and Spinach Pasta from Real Simple. Another quick and healthy dinner dish using leeks. The sauce uses heavy cream but I would substitute cream cheese with melted butter to get the same effect without all the calories. Also, I usually use frozen chopped spinach in this type of recipe. It cooks up quick! Click here for the recipe.