How to Create Affirmations 101

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

With the continuing trend of self-care, you may have seen the word affirmations floating around. This got me thinking about how little I've seen written on affirmations and how it may be difficult to execute into my routine. After all, we are bombarded with images and information all day long about how we should look, how we should eat, how we should exercise or be active and even how we should take care of our family members.

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So how in all that noise can we understand what an affirmation is and how to create them to support self-care.? Turns out there are multiple entries in the dictionary for the word affirmation, but I think the one below is the best definition of the word when thinking about self-care:

...the assertion that something is true.... (Source:

Affirmations can be a word, a statement, a phrase or even an image. Anything that speaks to you as true for yourself. Affirmations will change over-time. Just as we grow and change as we age, have different experiences or learn something new, affirmations morph over time. The power of the affirmation is the statement; word or phrase that you create identifies that you will achieve the potential/goal/objective in the statement.

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So how to get started? Here are three tips:

1) Think about your current situation - personally or professionally - and how it relates to self-care. It could be you are trying to balance work & family or working on improving your health. The key is that the affirmation needs to be something about YOU - no one else.

2) Use positive words, emotionally charged words and start the affirmation with "I am...". Often it is hard for us to use positive words when we are thinking about creating an affirmation. A trick is to take a negative statement you normally use about yourself and turn it into a positive statement. For example, I often catch myself thinking, "I wish my hips were smaller" or "I wish my stomach was flatter". Instead, change the statements to: "I workout 5 days a week, as a result my hips are small and my stomach is flat."

3) Start with only 1 affirmation! It is easy to go a little overboard when starting a new habit. But we all know how that goes - we go whole hog and then it becomes too difficult to incorporate into our routine. Poof! Three days later we are no longer following the new habit. Start with 1 affirmation that is easy for you to remember. Write it down on a small piece of paper to remind yourself or save it as a note in your phone. That way you can look at it whenever you want!

If you are still struggling to write an affirmation for yourself, here are a few of my favorites from

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I hope this post inspired you to think about affirmations and how you can use them in your daily life. If you create an affirmation, let me know how you use it everyday. Follow my blog on Bloglovin.

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