What vitamins should you add to your routine?

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I believe in taking vitamins! My feeling is that even if you are eating organic food, unless you have access to a year-round farmers market, most fruits & veggies will lose vital nutrients as they wait to be purchased. I make sure to take supplements routinely to help keep my immune system strong and help me stay healthy.

Vitamin D

You know that really bad flu season we just had? I don't take the flu shot and I didn't have any issue with the flu. Isn't that great! Now, you can't just start taking supplements during flu season and expect to be protected. It takes time for supplements to have an impact on your health.

There are different vitamins to take depending on what health concern you are working to manage. For example, I am concerned with bone loss, as I am sure most women are. I want to stay as active as long as I can so I take a Calcium with Vitamin D. Now, even though I eat a lot of green veggies, such as kale, spinach and broccoli (love broccoli), I still take a supplement.

green veggies

On top of taking a calcium supplement, I make sure to exercise regularly with weight bearing exercise and maintain my weight. These activities, according to Femmenessence, will help you maintain bone health. There is a really great infographic with more information about calcium you can access by clicking here.

Another supplement I take routinely are probiotics. Probiotics are a great supplement for a variety of health concerns. Most widely known are digestive health & immune system support. I recently started using a probiotic that has 31 strains and a guaranteed potency of 5 Billion at the expiration date. InnovixLabs Multi-Strain probiotic is designed to survive stomach acids.


I really like the InnovixLabs probiotic because it is on the smaller side and it is a coated capsule, making it easy to swallow. Also, the probiotic is made up of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains, which are the most prevalent strains in our digestive tract. Plus it is only 1 capsule per day, which makes it very easy to incorporate into my routine.

Another supplement I started taking is Turmeric. It's funny, I love turmeric. I put it in everything I can. I use a liquid turmeric to put into soups. I use powdered turmeric in salad dressing. I even drink Turmeric lattes. But it is hard to eat turmeric everyday! I never thought about using a supplement until I tried Youtheory Turmeric.


The Youtheory Turmeric is a great supplement because it is combined with Bioperene, the active ingredient in black pepper. If you know anything about Turmeric, you know black pepper is key to have with turmeric. If you are wondering what turmeric does for you, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Think about this, if you workout, your body naturally becomes inflamed, in order to help reduce that inflammation, eat/drink turmeric or take a supplement.

Finally, another supplement I always take is Magnesium. Heart disease runs rampant in my Mom's side of the family. Both men & women have heart attacks, so I've always been very sensitive to monitoring my blood pressure and cholesterol levels without taking medication.

I've followed a low-sodium diet forever but always had a hard time regulating my blood pressure. One day, I read on WebMD that most people are deficient in magnesium. Since magnesium helps regulate your blood pressure, if you are deficient you may have a hard time with your blood pressure.


I figured I would give it try - so I started taking 500mg daily. During my next routine Dr. appointment, my blood pressure was normal! My doctor was surprised. She took the reading again in 6 months and again it was normal. So I've stuck to the routine ever since! It is amazing how we can take natural steps to take control of our health versus relying on medicines!

I hope you found this blog post on vitamins you should add to your routine informative. If you try any of the above, leave me a comment below about what you thought about the products. I love hearing about your experiences. Follow my blog on Bloglovin if you'd like to receive healthy living tips, recipes and wellness information.

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