One Of The Greatest Ingredients Ever: Hemp Seeds

I love being plant based. I've been eating mostly plant based for many years. Not only has my health improved but I've been able to try so many interesting foods and ingredients. I'll admit, sometimes the food or ingredient isn't something I would eat again. More times than not, the ingredient or food is a winner, becoming part of my regular routine.

hemp seeds used in falafel, smoothies and jackfruit tenders

Hemp seeds is one of those ingredients. I never really thought about hemp seeds until I started eating plant based. While most adults eat way too much protein, it is important when eating plant based to get enough protein. The average adult should eat 30 grams of protein a day. When eating a diet that is focused on meat, chicken, pork or fish, it is very easy to exceed 30 grams and actually eat 60-80 grams per day.