How to make life changing homemade veggie burgers

My default dinner for vegetarian night are veggie burgers. Why? Because there are some really good products out there that are in the organic frozen food section of the grocery store. They are really easy to make and quick. Especially when I've had a long day at work and may be uninspired to be creative in the kitchen.

Lately, the frozen veggie burgers have gotten old. This has led me to look for recipes that can come together quickly and be eaten cold or hot, depending on the weather. Also, I've been looking for more recipes that I can eat cold at work as I strive not to use the microwave unless absolutely necessary.

Did you know that microwaving foods results in the loss of nutrients? Also, microwaving makes it harder for our bodies to digest food. When a food is microwaved, it's amino acids become much shorter and closer together. When this happens, our bodies have to work that much harder to breakdown our food. The loss of nutrients happens when you add a liquid to the food, cook it in the microwave and then throw out the water. Since microwaves use high heat, the nutrients get pushed into the water and if you aren't drinking the water, the nutrients are lost.

While I follow a plant-based lifestyle, I wasn't going to exclude a recipe if it uses eggs as a binder. After all, the definition of being plant-based is we are limiting the amount of animal products we eat, not excluding them. If you want a substitute for a chicken egg, then use a flax egg. It is super easy as a replacement. In the bowl you will be combining the ingredients, place 1 TBSP ground flax meal and 3 TBSP water. Mix and wait 3-5 minutes until it is thick, like an egg. It is ready to use. The formula I gave you was for 1 egg, so if a recipe calls for more, you can add more to it.

I was able to find quite the variety of veggie burger recipes. I think you will like the options. All of the recipes use ingredients that are very filling, such as oats or beans, to make sure anyone who eats them does is not hungry a few hours later.

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Veggie Burgers by Recipe Tin Eats. This recipe combines rice with the veggies and adds one egg and mayonnaise as binders. The egg and mayo keep the burger moist which will make anyone who likes to eat a meaty burger happy. If you want to go vegan with this recipe, there are plenty of vegan mayo's in the grocery store. Click here for the recipe.

veggie burgers homemade stacked on top of each other with a bun in the background

Homemade Veggie Burger by Clean and Delicious. This veggie burger incorporates high protein quinoa, which makes for a very satisfying burger. It uses an egg as the binder and kidney beans to add bulk. The burgers look awfully good topped with heart healthy avocado and yellow tomatoes. Click here for the recipe.

homemade veggie burger on bun with avocado and tomatoes