Dreading the end of summer? Here is how to indulge smartly

Oh Summer! You've gone by so fast. The lazy, hazy days are almost gone. But there is one last hurrah - Labor Day weekend. Most of us will have 3 days off to celebrate and take in the last of summer. Fingers crossed it will be nice weather but even if it isn't, there are plenty of ways to indulge smartly. Even if you are following an organic diet.

What's your indulgence? Is it chocolate? Is it wine? Is it salty snacks? Is it any dessert you can get your hands on? Well, I've got a recipe or two that will help you satisfy your indulgences and make you feel like you didn't miss a beat during the unofficial end to summer. Also, some tips on how to stay organic during the holiday along with favorite healthy products.

If you are organic, you already know the benefits you get by avoiding pesticides. But did you know organic foods can improve your mood? That's right. When you are eating nutrient dense organic foods the vitamins, minerals and amino acids can help your body generate cellular energy and supply essential nutrients to various parts of your body, such as your brain.

For example, it is no secret that cacao, the seeds that chocolate is made from, are high in nutrients that make you feel happy. The secret to feeling happy from the cacao is not to eat the processed milk chocolate sold by large brands. Instead, to get the mood elevating benefits from cacao, look for dark chocolate bars or treats that are organic. This will give you the maximum benefits of eating for happiness!

Below are recipes and products that you can incorporate into your Labor Day indulgence. If you try any of them, let me know what you think by tagging me on Instagram as @heatherleehurst and use the #heathershealthhabits hashtag. I love seeing your takes on the recipes and products I share!

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Who loves avocados? I DO! I've recently fallen in love with Avocado Chocolate Mousse. That's right - avocado mousse. Don't knock it until you try it. I whipped it up because a friend of mine told me how much they liked it. I figured, what's the worse that could happen? I hate it and have to throw it out. I tried it right after I made it. I was not a big fan. However, I let it get cold in the fridge and now I am putting it on a morning smoothie bowl, using it as "icing" on organic chocolate chip cookies, and dipping organic strawberries into it. You have to try this recipe! Click here for two recipes from Chocolate Covered Katie.

Easy Peach Crisp from Build your Bite. This is a crowd-pleaser that can be made all year round since it uses frozen peaches. Brilliant! My local grocery store stocks organic frozen peaches so I just wait for them to go on sale, buy them and make this dessert. I love it because it is relatively healthy, even with the sugar. Some may top it with ice cream, but I like mine without. Click here for the recipe.

Don't have time to make dessert? Then buy it! Here are some favorite products of mine:

Figgy Pops are a tasty, organic unbaked energy ball. Who hasn't seen all the recipes on Pinterest for energy balls? Everyone is making them. But when you don't have the time, buy them. Click here for the Figgy Pop website.

Banana Brittle is organic and helps stop food waste. Made from imperfect bananas, this product is nutritious and a great party dessert. Pour it into a bowl and serve. Perfect for picnics, BBQ and family gatherings. No one will guess how healthy this snack is. Click here to go to the Banana Brittle website.


Most grocery stores have organic snacks readily available. Snacks such as popcorn, tortilla chips and chickpea puffs. But did you know Doritos has gone organic? So exciting! When I saw the snack size bags being sold on amazon, I had to buy them and try them. Larger bags are available in the grocery store. Click here to see organic Doritos on amazon.

Organic popcorn is an easy snack that people will gobble up. Newman's Own has organic microwave popcorn and Annie's has bagged organic popcorn. Pick your poison depending on your party!

Organic chickpea puffs make a great substitute for a puffy salty snack. Try Hippeas, the original chickpea puff. There are a variety of flavors like barbecue and white cheddar. Click here to go to their website.


It isn't a party without wine, is it? There are plenty of organic wines that can be shipped to (most) areas of the United States. There are also plenty of wine clubs. You can set up a membership and have it delivered. So easy! Also, local liquor and / or wine stores may have a small organic wine section. It may be a little more difficult to get organic wine, but by putting in a little effort, you'll find it.

If you can't find organic wine, I always say - don't sweat it. If the majority of your lifestyle and diet, by majority I mean at least 80%, is organic then drinking non-organic wine is OK. It is the long-term effects of a healthy lifestyle that will give you the best results. Not worrying about the wine you are drinking on a holiday weekend.

I hope this post inspired you to look for organic indulgences to celebrate the unofficial end of summer. Let me know how you focused on healthy eating during the holiday weekend! I'd love to hear about your tips and organic products that you love to serve when indulging.

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