The worst advice to follow about healthy living

There is a ton of misleading information out there about healthy living. Everything from restrictive diets, crazy fitness programs and just plain weird eating plans (who wants to only eat cabbage soup?). I'm here to tell you that once you've decided to get healthy, it really is very simple. But I also recognize you may be overwhelmed trying to learn how to get healthy. The key to healthy living is to make it a lifestyle you can follow.

Here is some of the worst advice to follow about healthy living:

1) You aren't allowed to have indulgences.

This advice is my biggest pet peeve about living a healthy lifestyle. Who wants to live a life where you can't have a cookie, a cupcake or a piece of chocolate? Not me! If you restrict yourself from indulgences, you can bet you will not be able to stay on a healthy path. Strict restrictions like this will result in over-indulgences and feelings of failure.

chocolate pieces on a marble slab

A healthy lifestyle includes indulgences. There are so many ways to have a healthy indulgence. Take chocolate. Good organic high cacao chocolate is a great way to indulge and be healthy at the same time. Organic cookies are becoming easier and easier to find in the grocery store. Non-dairy ice cream has also come a long way. Including healthy indulgences into your lifestyle will keep you satisfied and more likely to stay on the healthy path.

2) It takes willpower to be healthy.

No it doesn't! It only takes a decision to be healthy. If you have decided you are going to live a healthy lifestyle, you will. It is that simple. Think about other decisions you have made through-out your life and you did it. You decided to get married, have kids, go to college, pursue a Master's degree, whatever the decision was. You made a decision and you did it.

That is all it takes to be healthy - making a decision. Now, just because you decided to get healthy doesn't mean you aren't going to have "non-healthy" situations in your life. Because life is life. You are going to have to go on a business trip and the dinners have to be at a steakhouse with non-organic food. Or you are going to go to a wedding weekend with lots of drinking and really unhealthy food. The key is after the unhealthy day, just to go back living the healthy lifestyle you are building for yourself.

3) You have to lose weight to be considered healthy.

Not true! Here's why: when you make the decision to be healthy and start eating organic foods, including a lot of fruits and vegetables, plus moving your body everyday, your body will gravitate to it's natural body weight. That's right! When you give your body the nutrients it needs with organic foods and supplements, your weight will be what it is supposed to be. It will also be so easy to maintain.