What Do You Know About CBD? Recipes Included!

I've always been a Type A person. Constantly on the go and stressed. Even if I was feeling a little bit under the weather, I would not take a break. Go to the gym, go to work, get home and cook dinner, that was my typical day. It wasn't until my thyroid gave out that I learned to start taking it easy. My situation is pretty typical. We are taught to be busy constantly which means we have a full and meaningful life. It wasn't until I had a serious health condition that I started to reprioritize and learned how to take life slower. I had to learn how to relax. Enter CBD.

health benefits of cbd

CBD or Cannabidiol was discovered in 1940 and is a compound found in marijuana that does not get you high. What is CBD used for? Research shows CBD is used to help those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, depression and antibiotic resistant