5 things about yoga you need to know

When I tell people I practice yoga I get the following reactions:

  • "I'm not that flexible."

  • "Do you do anything weird, like chanting?"

  • "I don't want anyone watching me."

  • "I would feel too self conscious."

  • "It's too hard to learn."

  • "I'm too old."

Quite honestly, all of the above concerns should not stop you from either taking a yoga class at a local gym or studio or taking a free yoga class on You Tube. Yoga is a great low-impact exercise that anyone can do. In fact you can gain health benefits by taking only one class a week. Think about anything you do for the first time. Can it be weird? Yes. Can it be scary? Yes. Does it take a little time to get used to? Yes. The same is true for yoga.

woman in downward dog pose on a yoga mat

There are a variety of class types that you can take depending on your comfort level. There is even chair yoga if you are older and haven't been exercising routinely. When you first start practicing, simply tell the teacher you are new to yoga. They will make sure to give you tips to modify so you can be comfortable doing the poses. Also, don't think anyone is watching you. When you routinely practice yoga, you get into a zone on your mat and are only thinking about what is happening for you at that point in time. No one is looking at you!

As with any type of exercise, make sure to consult your doctor before you start. This is to make sure that if you are on any medications or have existing physical issues, you know what to look out for when taking a class. Also, tell the teacher any physical ailments you have. That helps them give you more suggestions on modifications.

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5 things you need to know about yoga

1) You do not need to be flexible to take a yoga class. In fact, a lot of the poses you may never be able to fully achieve due to the unique proportion of your body. This is OK! There are a lot of times the yoga teacher will queue students to use a block or a strap or a towel if they can't touch their toes. Yoga will help you gain flexibility that is right for your body. You may never be able to touch your toes. It all depends on your unique physical body. This is why it is called yoga practice not yoga perfect.

2) Yoga teaches self-acceptance. You may feel awkward for the first couple of classes. That is OK. Everyone is new to yoga at some time in their life. Believe me, no one is watching you. When you get used to yoga, you will realize that a yoga class is a personal interaction with yourself. You will gain self-confidence and learn to love your body and all it gives you. Yoga is not about conquering a pose. It is about respecting your ability to do the pose in some capacity.

3) Yoga relieves stress. The Mayo Clinic reports that several s