These are the best vegetable recipes to eat for breakfast

I am always looking for ways to incorporate more veggies into my day. One meal that is often overlooked for including veggies is breakfast. On Sundays, my splurge breakfast, I will normally have a couple of eggs over arugula. Sometimes I'll add some mushrooms and onions to an egg scramble before putting them on arugula. But I always try to incorporate veggies in my breakfast on Sunday.

During the week, I don't have the luxury of making breakfast before I leave the house. I get up at 4:30 AM to hit the gym and then drive an hour (sometimes more) to the office. I eat breakfast as soon as I get to the office. I eat breakfasts that don't have to be microwaved. I stopped microwaving food about 6 months ago. I learned that microwaving changes the structure of the amino acids in food making it hard to digest. I don't know about you but I don't need anything messing with my digestion!

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Back to breakfast. I am a big fan of oatmeal and love making overnight oatmeal. But I haven't been able to find a savory recipe that I like. I stick to making it with blueberries, hemp hearts, flax seed and raw cacao powder. Outside of making smoothies, I feel like I've been kind of stuck on how to get more veggies in for breakfast. Oh and I prefer to have it vegan. I am eating plant-based at least 3 days a week and trying to squeeze in one more day this year. I'd like to have only 3 days a week where I eat meat and fish versus four.

In order to get some inspiration, I turned to Pinterest. Pinterest did not disappoint! I was able to find a variety of vegan recipes to try. It will take some meal-prep since I have limited time during the week to cook. But I am used to that. Sunday is usually my day to make a few breakfast, all of our lunches and a couple of dinners so we can eat healthy during the week. If I didn't do this, we'd probably eat out a lot more often and that is not very healthy.

I listed the breakfast recipes that I found on Pinterest with links to the actual recipes below. I am going to give each of them a try. I'll make sure to write a round up of my experience in about a month. Make sure to check back and discover how it went for me at or follow my blog on Bloglovin.

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PANCAKES: Who knew you could make pancakes with vegetables? I never even thought about that until I saw the below recipes on Pinterest. I like the idea because pancakes are portable and can be eaten cold. Some of the recipes are so hearty, I may actually try a few for dinner.

Vegan Carrot Cake Pancakes from Veggie Inspired

Fluffy Chickpea Pancakes with Vegetables from Emilie Eats

Vegan PBJ Pancake Sandwich from Elephantastic Vegan

Spinach and Artichoke Vegetable Pancake from Novel Orange

Vegan Potato Pancakes from The Cheerful Kitchen

Kale and Lentil Savory Pancakes from Cookilicious

kale and spinach savory pancakes for breakfast

EGG SUBSTITUTES: There are a few recipes I found that can be made without eggs. Chickpea flour seems to be the main ingredient that can be a substitute for an egg. The recipes are very creative and look really appealing. I hope they taste just as good!

Chickpea Flour Mini Veggie Frittatas from The Mostly Vegan.

Vegan Breakfast Tacos from The Stingy Vegan.

Southwest Vegan Breakfast Burrito from My Darling Vegan.

Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl from The Full Helping.

chickpea flour frittata

VEGETABLE BREAKFAST IDEAS: This section is a compilation of all the other vegan vegetable breakfast ideas I found. The loaded sweet potato is a great idea. I like eating sweet potatoes cold and using a variety of toppings can really make the potato into a fun breakfast.

Aussie Corn Fritters with Roasted Tomatoes from The Vegan Larder

Very Veggie Cauliflower Hash Brown Breakfast Bowl from Iowa Girl Eats

Loaded Breakfast Sweet Potatoes from Food with Feeling

Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies from Curls N Chard

Vegan Mushroom Quinoa Bowl from Meal Prep on Fleek

mushroom quinoa breakfast hash

MUFFINS: Muffins are a great option for breakfast. I included one Baked Oatmeal cup in this grouping because I am intrigued. As I mentioned earlier, I haven't found a savory oatmeal recipe that I like. Maybe this will be the one? I'll let you know.

Flourless Zucchini Chia Savory Breakfast Muffins from Kiip Fit.

Sweet Potato and Herb Savory Breakfast Muffins from Feasting on Fruit

Herb Quinoa Muffins from The Chalkboard Mag

Beetroot Carrot and Thyme Savory Muffins from Nirvana Cakery

Spinach Herb and Feta Oatmeal Cups from She Likes Food

savory baked oatmeal cups with spinach

I hope this post inspired you to eat more veggies for breakfast. If you make any of the recipes above, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram as @heather_lee_donahue and use the #heathershealthhabits hashtag. I love seeing your takes on the recipes I share.

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