This is how to go organic on a budget

I wasn't always an advocate for organic eating. In fact, there were many members of my family who were organic before I even though about it. They would tell me I really should go organic but I thought:

  • It's expensive

  • I already eat healthy food, such as a lot of fruits and vegetables

  • I take vitamins and supplements, daily

  • I would have to shop differently since organic isn't readily available at my local grocery store

Then I started studying to become a holistic nutritionist. Studying helped to answer the question: what is organic food? Organic food is clean food that has not been treated with chemicals or pesticides. Even though I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, since they were conventionally grown, they were treated with chemicals and pesticides. Thus, they aren't the most nutritious food I could be eating. Conventionally grown food lack nutrients since the chemicals penetrate the fruit or vegetable, altering the genetic makeup.

3 benefits of going organic nutrient dense easy to find energy

Why is eating organic food important to our overall health? Organic food is devoid of chemicals and pesticides which confuse our bodies. Since our bodies don't know what to do with the chemicals, they fight to get rid of them causing fatigue. When our bodies are fatigued, they are more likely to become ill.

But can you really change your body to become healthier and avoid disease after you've eaten chemically laden food all of your life? It turns out you can. An article on MindBodyGreen details the specific benefits the body starts to feel when we eat healthy, clean foods.

  1. The gut becomes healthy since good bacteria is entering the body through clean foods.

  2. Since the gut is getting healthy, our brains get healthy. Turns out eating processed food means your ingesting sugar which translates to inflammation. Avoiding processed foods means less inflammation and a healthier brain.

  3. Processed foods wreak havoc on our hormones. Eating clean foods means our hormones are balanced which gives us more energy and melts away belly fat.

  4. Productivity increases since brain-fog goes away as a result of our healthier brains from eating healthy food.

  5. Weight management for your lifetime is so much easier. When we eat healthy, clean foods, we gravitate to our natural weight. We don't have to worry so much about trying to lose weight.

Organic foods help support our bodies natural desire to be healthy. They are void of pesticides and chemicals. They are higher in nutrient content, which means we eat less of them. That's right! One reason we eat larger portions of conventionally grown food is that they are devoid of nutrients. That means it takes a lot of the food to fill us up.

Organic foods have become mainstream. I mean, when Doritos has an organic product, you know organic has gone mainstream. I've also noticed that my local grocery store has more organic offerings in every aisle. From canned beans to bagged rice, I can buy almost anything that I used to buy non-organic, organic. Let's talk about the perceived expense of organic foods.

organic doritos

My grocery bill has not inflated by buying more food organic. In fact, most of the products I buy organic are only up to $0.50 cents more than the n