How to cook delicious healthy dinners fast

Time - we never have enough of it. Every week is so busy with school, work, kid's activities and trying to make sure everyone gets something to eat. Not only to eat, but a healthy meal. Dinners can be the most challenging because we don't have a lot of control over how the day goes. A meeting scheduled at the last minute that goes to 5:00 or 5:30 PM, means dinner is delayed. Or a kid's sporting event going into overtime, meaning dinner is delayed. Or heavy traffic on the way home means dinner is delayed.

But there are ways to plan around the unknown. Meal-prepping and creating a plan for what to make for dinner during the week helps make sure healthy meals can be cooked fast. Some meals can be made on the weekend and just reheated. Plus, there are other shortcuts I use that makes the whole process go faster.

4 ways to get dinner on the table fast

My favorite tip and most frequently used in my own weeknight dinner plan, is stocking organic frozen veggies in the freezer. They are the best! It means you always have veggies on-hand and they cook really fast. Plus, they are already chopped. I love that because it takes a lot of the prep work out of making dinner. This makes cooking during the week a much easier task. Frozen veggies are economical since they are usually inexpensive and available year-round. Sometimes fresh veggies are more expensive or a particular vegetable isn't in season so they are harder to find.

Organic frozen veggies work really well in stir-fry's and pasta dishes. I always have organic broccoli, cauliflower and chopped spinach in the freezer. There are other veggies such as green beans, corn and butternut squash in the freezer aisle, but broccoli, cauliflower and spinach are my staples. Another favorite tip of mine is to buy canned corn, green beans and beans, such as kidney beans, black beans or chickpeas, so you can quickly add healthy veggies or beans to any dinner.

I also stock organic veggie burgers in the freezer. The local grocery store just started selling frozen organic turkey burgers. I may stock up on those as well. I love frozen burgers because they cook fast. Pair them with sliced avocado on a bed of greens and you get lots of healthy fats and veggies in a meal that is ready in 15 minutes. Some people like their burgers on a bun but I rarely eat bread anymore so most of my burgers end up on a bed of greens. If I do want a piece of bread with a burger, I keep organic bread in the freezer. Since I don't eat a lot of bread, a fresh loaf would just go to waste. I hate wasting food. Buying frozen bread at the grocery store means I can have bread whenever I want.

Now that you have stocked up on frozen and canned veggies, beans and burgers, what can you do with them? Stir-fry dinners are some of the easiest dinners to get on the table fast. Especially when you use my tip of adding frozen veggies. Simply saute the ingredients together and toss on pasta or rice or another grain of your choice. Done in 30 minutes or less! Another easy dinner relies on the crock pot or slow cooker. Meals can be cooked on the weekend or while you are at work or while you are driving the kids to various activities. Come home and serve. What could be easier than that? I include recipes for slow cookers, stir-fry's and pasta dishes below.

The recipes below are some of my favorite fast and healthy dinners. If you try any of them, let me know what you thought. Did you like this blog post? If so you can receive healthy living tips and recipes for free, by following my blog on Bloglovin.

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