Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the Healthy One You Love

Valentine's Day is such a fun holiday. At my house, we don't get overly fancy or spend a lot of money on gifts. We simply do a little something to make each other feel special. But getting something special for someone who lives a healthy lifestyle may feel a bit daunting. Does chocolate qualify as healthy? Can I find a healthy restaurant to take my Valentine out for dinner? What healthy products would my love one appreciate?

valentine gift guide with dark chocolate organic wine yoga and organic meal delivery

Luckily, there are so a lot of healthy options that would work for your healthy Valentine. I am going to share my favorite products and Valentine's Day ideas. The ideas and products span from the indulgent (yes, chocolate can be healthy) to the simple and gifts in-between. These ideas will work for any type of budget and shows your healthy loved one that you really understand their healthy lifestyle. Here we go!


Chocolate can be very healthy, as long as you buy dark chocolate. That's right! Milk chocolate is not a healthy choice. Milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar and does not have the benefits of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is easy to identify because the package tells you how much cocoa is in it. Look for products with at least 70% cocoa and higher. If you aren't sure that your loved one likes dark chocolate, start with a product that has 70% cocoa and another ingredient, such as nuts or dried fruit. The reason dark chocolate is so healthy is it:

  • Contains antioxidants to fight free radicals

  • Lowers blood pressure by helping arteries relax

  • Raises HDL, the good cholesterol

  • Increases brain function by improving blood flow

Now you can impress your loved one with not only with dark chocolate on Valentine's Day but also you can share facts on why dark chocolate is so good. Below are some of my favorite products.

dark chocolate brands Nib More, Green & Black's, Smart Bark


Yes, there are healthy wines that you can buy and share with your Valentine. USDA Organic Certified Frey wines can be found at the local liquor store or can be shipped (depending on the laws in your state). There is also FitVine. Think of FitVine as a lighter version of wine, similar to how beer brands have both Budweiser and Bud Light. These wines satisfy two different health goals. An organic wine, such as Frey, avoids ingesting chemicals and pesticides. A lower calorie wine, such as FitVine, helps your loved one stay on top of their health goals but indulge a little.

organic wine Frey and Fit Vine reduced calorie wine


What could be more appreciated from your loved one than having their partner take over cooking one day! Maybe your loved one prepares lunches or dinners ahead of time so everyone eats healthy. A way to show them you care is to give them a break. If you are intimated by this, you can try a meal delivery service that provides all the ingredients and instructions. Simply order it to arrive the day you want and then cook it! Meal deliveries such as Green Chef or Sun Basket often have a new account discount to see if your Valentine likes it. You can always cancel the service if it doesn't work out.


Pampering is always welcome and is part of a healthy lifestyle. A gift certificate for a massage or nail treatment or a facial. Taking time out for ourselves to relax is a very healthy gift. If your Valentine is not into facials or massages, here are other ways to pamper them:

  • Take them to a movie

  • Babysit the kids or get them out of the house for the day. Then your Valentine can do things they want, such as read a book or take a soothing bath

  • Hire someone to clean the house

The key is to think about a pampering your Valentine would value as a break in their routine. Then give them that!

woman relaxing in a quite home


Hobbies or interests of loved ones may have gadgets or small purchases that you can buy to support their hobby. Here are some ideas:

Does your Valentine workout?

  • Make them a playlist of some rocking music to keep them going.

  • Does you Valentine like to try new fitness classes? Buy them a 1 Week Trial to a studio that offers a unique workout, like Kick-Boxing or Yoga or Mega-Former or Pilates.

  • Offer to take them shopping for new workout clothes or give a gift card!

Does your Valentine like to cook? There are numerous healthy cookbooks to share with them.

books for healthy cooking

Does your Valentine like to keep their mind active and challenged?

  • Buy a variety of books on a specific topic, such as meditation or how yoga supports the physical body and package them up.

  • Buy them a portable e-reader, if they don't already have one. If they have one, is it time for an upgrade?

  • Give the gift of Yoga. A regular yoga practice has been shown to improve the brain since it requires concentration. Buying a gift card to a studio or a subscription to a website, such as Gaia.

I hope this Valentine's Day gift guide gave you some ideas about gifts to buy for your healthy Valentine. If you would like to receive healthy living tips and recipes for free, follow my blog on Bloglovin.

You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to see what I am up to. Have a great Valentine's Day!

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