How to solve the biggest problems with good health

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We don't really think about our health until it is gone. I was with a colleague just a couple of weeks ago who had a health wake up call. He went to the Doctor for his normal check-up and he was told he was almost a full blown diabetic. He realized that he could change his lifestyle to eliminate the possibility of developing diabetes. After all, he is not that old and he doesn't want to start going down the road of using medications and facing the complications that come with a debilitating disease such as diabetes.

He went to a nutritionist and learned how to eat differently, even when traveling. He is a sales manager so he travels at least 50% of the year. He told me that all he had to do was make the decision not to become a diabetic. It became that much easier to make changes in his lifestyle once he made the decision he did not want to be sick. While he still has a lot of work to do, he is committed to making it happen. He now knows that his biggest problem, diabetes, was solved with good health.

5 ways to solve problems with good health

You may be thinking that you can't solve your biggest problem with good health. But I am here to tell you that big problems can be solved. Cancer, Thyroid disease, Heart disease and Diabetes are illnesses that are mostly caused by our lifestyles. In fact, only 15% of chronic diseases can be traced back to genetics. I think most of us believe that our genetics plays a huge role in whether or not we get an illness. We don't recognize that most of us get an illness due to our lifestyle.

Cancer, Thyroid disease, Heart disease and Diabetes are prescribed horrible treatments and pharmaceuticals, which can cause other health related issues. While pharmaceuticals are helpful to treat immediate health issues, such as a heart attack or stroke, they should not be taken continuously. We have the ability to eat clean food, drink clean water, move our bodies, avoid chemicals in our personal care products, create positive mental attitudes and take supplements to assist our bodies in getting and staying healthy.

Good health encompasses more than our physical bodies. A positive mental outlook is critical to be a healthy person. The power of the mind over the physical body is amazing. Think about it, have you ever dreaded doing something or going somewhere and you feel sluggish, tired and not yourself when you have to do the task or event? That is your mind influencing your physical body. Let's explore how we can solve problems with good health.


There is nothing more important than to eat organic food. Organic food is grown without chemicals and pesticides. This is important because chemicals and pesticides interrupt our otherwise healthy bodies. When our bodies are exposed to chemicals and pesticides, our immune system tries to fight the intruders to keep us healthy. Over time, our immune system becomes fatigued and illness sets in.

basket of organic vegetables in a basket

The good news is you don't have to wait years when you make the switch to eating clean organic food to help eliminate the effects of years of eating pesticide laden food. A study shows that after eating organic food for only 6 days you can reduce the amount of pesticides in the body by 60%(Source: Civil Eats). Organic food is becoming easier and easier to find. I mean when Doritos has an organic product, you know organic is easy to find. I strive for each meal to be at least 80% organic. This is a reasonable goal that can be achieved.


Do you think putting a filter in the refrigerator or on the kitchen sink makes your water clean? Think again. Our water systems are not treated the same from state to state. Some states and even some towns have different requirements on what chemicals and residues are allowed in our water. It would be very difficult for any single water filter to eliminate the bad chemicals from all water supplies. The only way to drink clean water is to buy it. Look for waters that are pure and filtered.


A happy mind translates into a healthy body. Meditation can be hard to start. We are used to a lifestyle that is in constant motion. Our lives have to be packed with activities in order to feel we are living. But even with a very hectic lifestyle, a 15 minute meditation practice can exist. It is like anything, if you make a decision you are going to do it, you will find time. There are free meditations you can listen to online. I found that was the easiest way to get into the habit and to relax. Once you get into a routine, you will feel more relaxed, focused and happy. Stress and negative feelings will melt away. The end result is a healthier body and a focused mind. Below are scientifically based benefits of Meditation from Healthline.

benefits of meditation


Our bodies were never meant to sit for hours and hours. They were designed to be active. We lose the ability to be active when we are sedentary. It is a vicious cycle. If we don't move our body, our bodies want to remain sedentary. But if we move our bodies, they will crave movement. Moving your body doesn't mean you have to workout in a very intense way. It can be a daily 30 minute walk. It can be a 30 minute yoga class on YouTube. It can be something more intense, like a spin class. The best thing you can do to ward off illness is to move your body. When you get your heart rate up, your body heats up and that helps to kill pathogens in the body. So get up and move.

two women jogging near the water


In addition to eating organic clean food, supplements are necessary to give the body the levels of nutrients it needs. The levels provided from the USDA are the bare minimum that are needed to stay healthy. If the bare minimum is taken, your body is not getting the full support it needs to really keep disease from setting in. Organic food has higher nutrients but not the high levels your body needs to fight disease. We need to supply high levels of nutrients to our bodies to overcome and prevent illness. Our cells, the hardest working parts of our bodies, can fight pathogens or cells that have become damaged when they are supplied high levels of nutrients. Working with a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, which you can find at NANP, can help you create a supplementation routine that will help your body get healthy fast and stay healthy.

In addition to the above physical actions we can take to have good health, we can work to keep our environment free of chemicals. There are plenty of natural household remedies that aren't expensive and can be used to clean. Baking soda is great for stains and lemon oil combined with a carrier oil can be used to clean household surfaces. Using non-fluoride toothpaste can help us avoid interruptions to our endocrine systems, which are responsible for hormone production. Organic beauty products help us avoid absorbing chemicals through the skin.

I hope this post gave you some great ideas on how to avoid the biggest problems with good health. Once your body gets the nutrients it needs, it will perform better for you, you will have more energy and you will avoid disease. If you try any of the above, let me know how you are doing with your new routine.

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