What if eating organic is the new normal?

I went organic about 1 year ago. I did it because I was attending the Energetic Health Institute to study Holistic Nutrition. Honestly, I didn't believe that going organic would improve my health. I workout 5 days a week, eat mostly plant-based, take vitamins and cook the majority of meals at home. I thought I was living the healthiest life I could live. Boy was I wrong!

A 2014 study found that organic produce is more nutritious. In fact, the study found that eating organic food could boost a person's antioxidant intake by up to 40%. This is meaningful because antioxidants have been linked to a lower risk of chronic diseases, including certain cancers. (Source: Nature) Not only is eating organic better for reducing your chance of getting diseases but eating organic also gives your body energy and you lose weight.

organic food boosts antioxidant intake

When you eat organic food, you are avoiding pesticides and chemicals that are foreign to your body. Your body tries to fight pesticides and chemicals when they enter the body. This makes our body tired and causes fatigue. When our body becomes fatigued, it doesn't have energy to fight for our health. We get tired, we gain weight and we get ill. Without the chemicals and pesticides to fight, our body can return to fighting for our body to be healthy and disease free.

It doesn't take long to get the pesticides and chemicals out of your body. Civil Eats reports that a study tracking the affects on the body after going organic, showed an average of 60% of the pesticides were reduced in the body. Seems like a good enough reason to start eating organic! When going organic, there is a perception that it will be hard to find products to eat. Organic has become more wide-spread and available. In fact, Doritos even has an organic snack!

Another perception is that organic foods are more expensive than non-organic food. When in reality they are not. In just the past month, there have been several times my local grocery store had organic produce on sale and it was cheaper than non-organic. When shopping for organic, it is really all about knowing your prices. Just like any other shopping trip. But one other fact I want to point out is that since organic food contains more nutrients, you will get fuller faster. This means you will eat less resulting in spending less money on food.

Now I realize it is not always possible to get everything organic. I strive for every meal to be at least 80% organic. I rely on frozen and canned vegetables to fill in when fresh produce is not in season. I also keep frozen fruit on hand for the same reason. There are so many yummy recipes you can make using frozen and canned veggies. Plus, on busy weeknights, they cook fast! Here are a few to try:

Ginger Veggie Stir Fry from Platings and Pairings

Vegetable Garden Pasta from Wholesomelicious

15 Minute Simple Vegan Tacos from Simple Vegan Blog

Easy Vegetarian Chili Recipe from The Endless Meal

Naughty & Nice Vegan Enchilada Casserole from Oh She Glows

Once you start eating organic, you will not believe how good you will feel. I don't think anyone can appreciate the amount of energy and good health you will experience when eating organic. Most of us don't think about our health until it is gone. It is hard to believe that just by choosing to eat differently you can feel better. Unfortunately, we aren't taught to think about our food as having the ability to heal our bodies. But it can. We are bombarded with messages about unhealthy, cheap food and led to believe it can be healthy. It is very confusing.

benefits of organic food

When organic eating becomes your new normal, it will be hard to go back. Now that I've been organic for a year, I actually don't want to eat non-organic food. I will when I have to, such as on vacation or at a dinner meeting. But I am noticing that even restaurants are starting to have more organic options on the menu. So if organic becomes the new normal, just simply the way it is when we grocery shop and go to restaurants, not only will our health benefit but the environment will as well.

When food is produced without pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics, the land it is grown on can flourish. Our water supply becomes healthier since there is less run-off of pollutants. Organic food also slows climate change because healthier growing practices reduces the amount of carbon dioxide being released into the air. (Source: The Balance SMB) That is pretty powerful!

Eating organic food promotes optimal health, is better for the environment and gives your body the nutrients it wants. Here are some of my favorite organic products to try:

Seeds of Change Ready to Eat Grains: I recently tried this brand and was very satisfied. I tried it because it was on sale at Costco. Since then, it has also been on sale at my local grocery store. The grains are organic, pre-cooked which really helps me eat healthy when I have very limited time.

Seeds of Change grains

Simply Organic Seasoning Packets: These make any vegetarian stir-fry something special. I used the taco seasoning on sauteed chickpeas, kale, red onions, mushrooms and broccoli. Serve over rice or another grain of your choice. Dinner in 15 minutes! I also use the Sweet Basil Pesto as a salad dressing. So good!

Simply organic taco seasoning mix

Food Stirs Baking Mixes: Being organic does not mean going without dessert! I found Food Stirs in my local Target. The mixes are quick and I even made it vegan by using a flax egg.

Food stirs brand baking mixes

I hope this article on organic food helped you learn some great facts on why organic food helps us get healthy and stay healthy. Organic food options are easier to find in your local food store and major retailers. It is not as expensive as you think! Especially since we eat less due to the high nutrients that are in organic food. Striving for a meal to be 80% organic will immensely help improve your health and your families health in a very short period of time.

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