What do you know about CBD? Recipes included!

CBD or Cannabidiol is quite simply a compound found in marijuana that does not get you high. Research shows CBD can be used to help those suffering from arthritis, diabetes, chronic pain, depression and antibiotic resistant infections. This is just a short list. What is really exciting is research being done on CBD's anti-cancer properties. (Source: Project CBD)

CBD can also help heal the gut. When gut health is compromised it's often related to problems with the contraction process involved in digestion, which helps to push food through the stomach and into the GI tract. The pain that’s triggered when the contraction process doesn't happen or happens too quickly can be extreme and hard to diagnose.

While research involving CBD for treating digestive problems is in its infancy, studies have suggested that it may be one of the most powerful remedies. That’s because CBDs interact with our natural edocannabinoid system, part of which is found in the intestines, stomach, and brain. CBD may be able to regulate stomach acids, protect the stomach, and ease nausea and vomiting. (Source: Baltimore Post Examiner)

CBD was discovered in 1940. The amazing thing about CBD is how many ways there are to take it. Also, some people taking CBD don't have a medical condition. I've known people who take CBD to help with focus and being creative. Since CBD doesn't get you high, it is a simple way to support your overall healthy lifestyle.

The New York Times published an article stating CBD is starting to become popular in cocktails, desserts, spa treatments and body wraps. If you've been following my blog, you know I love incorporating healthy ingredients into food.

CBD oil is really great to add to sauces, pesto, marinara or gravy. The oil mixes well with any sauce but it is best to add the oil at the end of cooking the sauce. Epicurious reported that if you cook CBD over high heat for a period of time, you may experience a foul taste. Also, high heat can destroy the terpenes, which are helpful compounds found in CBD oil. The only issue with using CBD in cooked foods is you may not get a therapeutic dose.

What is a therapeutic dose for general wellness? For general health benefits, take 5 - 25 mg of CBD. However, everyone is different. Start with a low-dose and then work your way up. If you want to use CBD oil to treat a health condition, it is best to work with a Certified Holistic Nutritionist. That way, you can work on finding the appropriate dose for your specific needs.

The recipes below can be made with CDB oil or powder. CBD oil and powder is legal so you do not have to worry that you are buying something that is illegal. However, you want to make sure that if you are using it in a recipe, that you tell whoever is going to consume it that the food contains CBD. Some people are not yet ready to try CBD for overall wellness.

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4 Ingredient CBD Cups from Balanced Life Leslie. This recipe is really easy and uses raw cacao powder. Did you know raw cacao powder is full of powerful antioxidants? It contains more than 20X the antioxidants found in blueberries! What I like about this recipe is all the ingredients are combined and poured into the muffin tin. Then you add the CBD oil. That means you can add as little or as much as you want. Don't they look delicious? Click here for the recipe.

Festive Focaccia Bread infused with CBD Oil from The Herb Somm. I really like this recipe because it uses store bought dough. That means you can really make this your own by adding herbs and toppings that you love. But since this is baking in the oven, make sure to not go above 350 degrees to keep the benefits of the oil in tact. High heat can kill the CBD oil benefits. I love garlic so I would load this up with garlic and cheese. Click here for the recipe.

CBD Infused Cilantro Lime Shrimp Scampi from CBD Dishes. This is a great example on how a traditional dish such as Shrimp Scampi can use CBD oil to increase the health factor. Shrimp is very healthy due to its high concentration of selenium, copper and zinc. Selenium is used by the liver to help detoxify the body. Copper scavenges free radicals from the lungs and Zinc helps keep the immune system functioning. (Source: World's Healthiest Foods). Click here for the recipe.

Vegan Chocolate Brownies made with CBD Oil from Health.com. This recipe was shared on Health.com website to celebrate a limited edition vegan CBD oil brownie a local bakery was highlighting. I figured I would share the recipe since brownies are deemed the "unofficial" edible when it comes to Medical Marijuana dispensaries. But remember, CBD does not have the compound that makes you high. So you will only feel calm and relaxed. Click here for the recipe.

Coconut Raspberry CBD Energy Bites from Clean Eating Kitchen. I love making energy bites. They are easy and give me a healthy snack to grab during the week. Usually at 3:00 when my energy starts to dip. So you may think you can't be energetic and calm (the result of CBD oil) at the same time. But you can! This recipe uses hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds and dates for it's base. That's a lot of great ingredients providing energy. Clean Eating Kitchen states they've been sleeping better since taking the CBD. Click here for the recipe.

I hope you learned a lot about CDB and how to incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle. I believe there will be more great research coming on the benefits of CBD. The hype has just started! Start trying CBD and experience the positive healing benefits for yourself.

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