What Is The Best Fruit To Cook With Right Now? Oranges!

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

From now through April and May, naval oranges, tangerines, blood oranges and clementines are in season. It is the perfect time to eat them by themselves or get creative and start cooking with them. Before we start looking at recipes to try, I'd like to share with you why oranges are so healthy for us.

One orange can provide 130% of our daily dose of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a vitamin we need to get every day from food. It is water soluble which means our bodies do not store it. Instead, our bodies secrete it once it takes the amount that it needs. Not only is it helpful in keeping our immune system strong so we can fight colds and flu, vitamin C also contains fiber, potassium, folate and flavonoids.

oranges are healthy and can be cooked with

Medical News Today reports that oranges have more than 60 flavonoids and many of them have been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties and strong antioxidant effects. Inflammation is a huge problem for most of us. Stress, not exercising, not eating fruits or vegetables and eating processed foods all contribute to inflammation in the body.

While short bursts of inflammation are actually a sign of a healthy immune system fighting infection, long-term inflammation has a very negative effect on the body. A few signs of inflammation are fatigue, rashes, mouth sores, abdominal pain and chest pain. (Source: Healthline) Over time, inflammation results in disease and illness.

Diabetes, heart disease, digestive health issues such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohn's and Colitis, are all the result of long term inflammation. One way to fight inflammation is to eat fruits and vegetables, preferably organic. Why organic?

Eating foods that are grown with pesticides means the pesticides are absorbed by the fruits and vegetables and enter our bodies. Our bodies become confused when it absorbs chemicals and starts to fight what we have eaten. When our body starts defending itself against chemicals in our foods, it becomes fatigued and illness and disease sets in.

organic vegetables

Most people tell me that organic is too expensive. I challenge you to start looking at food prices for both. I often find organic fruits and vegetables either at par or even on sale at lower prices than conventional foods. Organic is becoming easier to find. It is like anything. You have to know your prices to know if you are getting a good deal.

When I started searching for recipes using oranges, I was pleasantly surprised by the variety. And the recipes are not just salads! I am excited to try the recipes below. If you try them, leave me a comment below. I'd love to hear about your experience.


Orange Pound Cake by Dels Cooking Twist. While I eat overnight oatmeal 3-4 days a week, I also like to have something different for breakfast a couple days a week. This pound cake is really simple with only 6 ingredients. Del states you can add stir-in's like walnuts or chocolate chips. I would archive this recipe as a smart indulgence. Click here for the recipe.

orange pound cake recipe

Easy Orange Chicken by Budget Bytes. This recipe has Asian flavors and uses an orange as part of the sauce. It makes a great sweet & spicy sauce for the chicken. The chicken is lightly breaded. Chicken thighs are used in the recipe but I think chicken breast would work just as well. Make this vegetarian by using asparagus, chopped spinach or kale and cauliflower. Click here for the recipe.

orange chicken recipe

Vegan Orange Cranberry Muffins by TreeHugger. I have to stay true to my plant-based lifestyle and make sure to include a vegan recipe! I mostly eat vegetarian or vegan 3 to 4 days a week. This delicious muffin recipe helps support my lifestyle. This muffin is also gluten-free, in case you suffer from gut health issues. This recipe is a great option for breakfast or an afternoon snack with a cup of green tea. Click here for the recipe.

vegan orange cranberry muffinse

Orange Rosemary Thyme Salmon by Julia's Album. This is a simple salmon recipe that cooks in a foil packet. Just wrap up the salmon with the orange and spices; cook for 30 minutes and it's done! So easy! Click here for the recipe.

orange rosemary thyme salmon

Sweet Citrus Rosemary Medley by Tori Avey. This simple yet elegant dessert uses orange slices bathed in a rosemary syrup. So light and refreshing it lets you enjoy the flavor of the season and not feel guilty about having dessert. Click here for the recipe.

sweet citrus rosemary medley

I hope you enjoyed learning about the many ways oranges not only support our bodies but how they can be cooked. Oranges are high in vitamin C, helping to keep our immune system healthy. Plus, they help reduce inflammation in our bodies. Inflammation can lead to disease and illness, such as inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn's and Colitis, so it is important to eat foods that help fight gut health issues.

If you suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, lack of energy, moodiness, skin rashes, abdominal pain, anxiety, frequent belching or stomach gurgling, your gut is unhealthy! But you can heal your gut and overcome these embarrassing symptoms by eating foods like squash. Not sure where to start? I am here to help!

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