5 Wonderfully Simple And Easy To Make Desserts

Desserts do not have to be daunting to make. They can be simple, easy, vegan and / or grain free, making them healthier when you want to indulge. Also, healthier desserts are a great way to introduce others to healthy eating.

5 delicious and healthy desserts including fruit tart, vegan lemon bars and peanut butter cookies

Often, I will make a dessert that is healthy and bring it to a family gathering. I won't tell anyone it is a healthy dessert because sometimes, people stay away from something that they have never tried before when it sounds healthy. Instead, they like to stick to foods that they are comfortable with regardless if they are healthy or not.


I live a mostly plant based lifestyle. Being plant based has really changed my life and my health for the better. I have a lot more energy, my weight is stable and the variety of foods I eat is enormous!

the words plant based spelled out in scrabble letters

I decided to go plant based many years ago and started with just one day a week. I was reading a lot about how eating meat every day is simply not good for our bodies. I know there is a popular lifestyle called the Carnivore Diet and it seems to work for some people. But following any lifestyle to the extreme, unless there is a specific health reason for it, is never a good idea.

Even eating plant based, I only do it 4 days a week and eat animal products the other 3 days a week. It is all about balance and finding what works for you. A plant based lifestyle is very easy to follow. You can read more about it in this blog post: Plant Based For Beginners Made Simple And Easy.

Since I am plant based, I am always thinking about how to make what I eat healthier. Vegan and gluten free desserts are part of that. After all, life is too short not to eat desserts!


One way that I make dessert recipes healthier is by choosing organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are grown without pesticides and chemicals. The only difference you will notice is taste. Organic ingredients have wonderful tastes! It is a burst of vibrant flavor versus the bland non-flavor you've experienced when eating desserts made with chemically grown ingredients.

When you start replacing products in your pantry with organic products, you'll notice how great everything you cook tastes. This is not just about desserts. I made organic Ziti the other night for dinner with tomato sauce I made from our garden, organic pasta and organic ricotta. What a difference in the taste and the texture! The ziti was a lot creamier. My husband couldn't believe how good it tasted.

organic food boosts antioxidant intake by up to 40%

The number one comment I get from people when they are thinking of going organic is how expensive organic food is versus non-organic food. The cost of organic food used to be an issue, but it isn't anymore!

Often when I am food shopping, the price of organic foods are less than those grown with pesticides and chemicals. When you put pesticides in your body, you are promoting disease and illness to grow and take hold in your body.

Our bodies can put up with a lot but after years and years of eating chemicals and pesticides, your immune system will be fatigued and confused about how to fight off infections. This will lead to disease and illness.

The good news is by going organic you are practicing preventative health care simply because organic foods are nutrient dense. In fact FarmFolio.net reports that organic tomatoes are 50% higher in Vitamin C than conventional tomatoes and have higher antioxidant activity.

Eating nutrient dense food, supports the immune system and gives it the power it needs to keep you healthy. Shoot for meals to be at least 80% organic everyday and you'll be doing your body a huge favor.


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Now let's get to those desserts. Below are 5 simple, easy organic desserts that can be made all year round.


The best No-Bake Vegan Lemon Bars from Food Al. This recipe is vegan and keto friendly. This is very simple to make but you have to presoak the cashews for one hour. Soaking cashews makes them easier to blend. After the cashews are ready, it is easy to simply layer the filling on the crust. If you are in a hurry, pop it into the freezer for 1 hour to get the dessert ready fast. Click here for the recipe.

no bake vegan lemon bars

No-Bake Fruit Tart (vegan and gluten free) from Healy Eats Real. While this recipe is called no-bake, you do have to bake the crust for 15 minutes. I really like this recipe because it is sugar free, gluten-free which makes it good for your Paleo and vegan friends.

The recipe is easy and only takes 40 minutes. The best part is you can use whatever fruit is in season! Click here for the recipe.

fruit tart in a pan with strawberries blackberries and raspberries

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies from Chocolate Covered Katie. Who doesn't love a good cookie? I like to have a cookie in the afternoon with a cup of organic green tea or matcha. It is the perfect, energizing and indulgent afternoon snack.

Plus, I get to eat my dessert while I am still active in the afternoon. Avoiding late night desserts after dinner helps me maintain my weight. This recipe is quick and you can substitute organic almond butter if there is a peanut allergy in your household. Click here for the recipe.

a stack of vegan peanut butter cookies

Chocolate Zucchini Cake from Deliciously Organic. At the end of summer, zucchini is at it's finest. Why not make dessert from it? This recipe only takes 20 minutes to put together and 35 minutes to bake.

It is grain-free but uses dairy and eggs. If you need to make substitutes, you can use flax eggs for the chicken eggs and not lose anything in the taste or texture of the cake. Also, you can use a non-dairy yogurt for the yogurt. Even with substitutions, this dessert is healthy and decadent. Click here for the recipe.

a piece of chocolate zucchini cake with chocolate frosting on a plate

A Healthy Carrot Cake recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef. I love carrot cake! But I find it isn't served often at parties. This recipe is healthier since it calls for yogurt, coconut oil and almond milk. You can substitute a non-dairy yogurt if dairy is an issue for you like it is for me. Click here for the recipe.

carrot cake with frosting on a plate


I hope you enjoyed this post about simple, easy vegan and / or grain free desserts. Making desserts healthier are a great way to keep to whatever lifestyle you follow and indulge at the same time. Organic ingredients help you avoid illness and disease since they are not grown or produced with pesticides and chemicals.

Do you think you will try any of the dessert recipes I shared? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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