How To Boost Your Energy

Are you tired? So tired it is a struggle to do everything you need to do today. You just don't know how you'll get it all done tomorrow and the next day? Are you missing out on spending time with family and friends because you just don't feel like being social? Fatigue and feeling tired may not be totally debilitating but it is an awful feeling that a lot of people struggle with.

how to boost energy by drinking water, meditating and laughing sleeping and

A 2017 survey from the National Safety Council reported, 43 percent of Americans say they do not get enough sleep impacting their ability to think clearly, make informed decisions and be productive. Seventy-six percent of Americans say they feel tired at work, 53 percent feel less productive, and 44 percent have trouble focusing. The survey found 97 percent of Americans say they have at least one of the leading nine risk factors for fatigue, which include:

  • Working at night or in the early morning

  • Working long shifts without regular breaks

  • Working more than 50 hours each week

  • Enduring long commutes

How would having more energy improve your life? Would you:

  • Be more present with your children

  • Thrive in your career

  • Improve your communication and your relationships

  • Have more fun!

  • Move your body and improve your fitness

  • Lose weight and feel better about yourself

  • Be able to cook healthy meals for you and your family

  • Take an active vacation

  • Reclaim your life!

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Now, here are 5 ways to boost your energy.

#1 Sleep Well

Sleep is really important for us because it is the time our body repairs and rejuvenate. Not sleeping well is a symptom, not a root cause of being tired. It's possible to be in bed for eight hours and get really poor, not very rejuvenating sleep.

One reason we don't get enough quality sleep is due to the electronics in our bedrooms! Our phones, TVs, tablets and even alarm clocks emit light that disrupts our circadian rhythm. But there are also studies that the electromagnetic fields from these devices suppress melatonin, the hormone our body naturally produces in order for us to sleep.

woman sleeping well

Since light can disrupt the quality of sleep, try to sleep in complete darkness. There is research showing that even very, very tiny lights in the bedroom at night can have a measurable negative impact on your brain function, and even make you much more likely to have depression. Trying to black out your room (or wear an eye mask) can make a huge difference in your sleep quality, brain function, and energy levels.

#2 Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting helps you gain energy due to a specific process it triggers called autophagy.

Autophagy is when your cells initiate cellular repair processes that digest and remove old dysfunctional proteins that build up inside cells. Autophagy needs to happen when we are sleeping.

Autophagy does not happen when we eat less. It happens when we eat less often. Intermittent fasting is not meant to avoid calories. It is meant to restrict the amount of hours we eat during the day. Our lives have become on autopilot when it comes to food. It is available all the time! Thus, we eat any time we want. This disrupts autophagy. When we restrict the amount of hours we are eating, our bodies sends the energy it would normally spend on digesting and absorbing food to other processes such as autophagy. Even just doing intermittent fasting two times a week can fight fatigue.

#3 Reduce Stress

Stress automatically makes us tired since it is a mental exhaustion, caused by worrying or the difficulty in coping with a situation in your life. It is a result of thoughts and feelings. You may have lived with stress for so long that you no longer see the negative consequences. You believe that this is "normal" and you have accepted the constant feeling of being tired as part of your life. (Source: Health Central)

Finding ways to deal with stress will help you gain energy. Meditation for stress management doesn't have to take long. In fact, if you take just 5 minutes a day to stop and breathe deeply, it will help you start to deal with stress. It takes some time to feel the stress reduction but you will. There are a lot of free YouTube meditations if you need help starting a practice.

meditation class with men and women

Journaling is another activity that can help reduce stress. Writing down how you feel helps you acknowledge the stress in your life and helps you deal with it. While there may not be an immediate solution to the stress from journaling, it helps relieve the worry you are feeling.

Laughter! Laughing as much as you can through out the day is a great stress release. It helps to release our nervous system so we can rest and relax. If you don't have something to laugh at during the day, go to YouTube. There are so many ridiculous videos something is bound to make you laugh.

#4 Eat Energy Producing Foods

What are energy producing foods? Food that you are not allergic or sensitive to. Food that is organic. Mostly plant-based with limited meat, chicken and fish. When we eat real food, that does not have chemicals and pesticides, our bodies can more efficiently use the food we are eating. Plus, we get more nutrients from organic food since they haven't been killed off by chemicals.

Green plant-based foods are filled with chlorophyll, which increases energy in our body. Chlorophyll can transfer electrons to coenzyme Q-10, an extremely important molecule that is responsible for generating more energy. (Source: University Health News)

#5 Drink Clean Water

Dehydration leads to feeling drained and fatigued. There is no easier activity to gain more energy than to hydrate. We are all dehydrated every single day of our lives. When we wake up from sleeping, we have gone 6-8 hours without water. We are dehydrated as soon as we awake. The general rule is to drink half your body weight in ounces every single day. So if you weigh 100 pounds, you need to drink 50 ounces. Don't underestimate the power of water!

water flavored with fruit

I hope this post on how to boost your energy helped you find new ways to gain more energy. When we are fatigued and can't participate in our lives, it feels awful. Do you think you will try any of the above? Leave me a comment below.

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