How To Cook Kale, Watercress And Horseradish For A Happy Gut

Kale, watercress and horseradish are some of my favorite ingredients. They are available year-round and are full of nutrients responsible for improving gut health. When our gut is causing us to feel like we can't leave the house because we are bloated, gassy, belching and our stomach is gurgling, we need to think about what we are (and aren't) eating.

how to cook with kale, watercress and horseradish for a happy gut

Foods for gut health are foods that are high in fiber, support the good bacteria in our body and are able to fight bad bacteria such as kale, watercress and horseradish. Only when we are eating the right mix of foods that support better gut health can we regain our confidence to go out and enjoy life.

You know exactly what I mean if you suffer from gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, lack of energy, moodiness, skin rashes, abdominal pain, anxiety, frequent belching or stomach gurgling. You know how awful life is to never know exactly what is going to trigger the nasty side-effects and if you are going to have to decline social outings.

You can heal your gut and overcome these embarrassing symptoms by eating foods like kale, watercress and horseradish. Not sure where to start? I am here to help!

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Now, if you haven't thought about why you should be cooking with kale, watercress and horseradish, here are some excellent reasons:


Kale restores gut health by providing much needed fiber and water. When we eat more fiber, we definitely need more water to ensure we don't get constipated. Did you know our poop is 75% water? Most of us think it is more waste than water. Without getting enough water from either drinking more or consuming foods high in water content, we won't be able to poop daily. If we don't poop daily, the toxins and waste in our body sit and ferment, making us bloated, gassy and tired. Kale is available both fresh and in the frozen aisle. When I want to add some quick nutrition to any soup or veggie saute, I throw in kale. Frozen kale is also great for smoothies.


Watercress is an extremely nutrient dense food. If you aren't eating it regularly, you really need to. Watercress contains fiber, antibacterial properties, enzymes to support smooth digestion, balances good bacteria in our gut and helps revitalize our metabolism. (Source: NDTV)

Watercress is typically used in salads but I like it cooked as well. It doesn't take long to cook since it is a delicate green. This makes it perfect to throw into a homemade soup, scrambled eggs or sauteed veggies. If you haven't had watercress before it has a peppery taste which lends itself well to any savory dish or even a sweet and savory dish.


Horseradish is one of my favorite ingredients. I don't think people use horseradish enough! There is something so great about fresh horseradish. It has a very pungent odor and can really bring a dish to life. Plus it can help support a healthy gut. Studies suggest that it may fight a range of dangerous bacteria, including E. coli, H. pylori, and Salmonella . (Source: Healthline)


Watercress Soup by David Lebovitz. This soup is hearty because it uses potatoes to help thicken the soup. I love that it doesn't use any cream because I am dairy-free. Plus it is super fast since it doesn't take long to boil the veggies. Great for a quick dinner or lunch! Click here for the recipe.

watercress soup in a bowl with a hunk of cheese

Watercress and Citrus Salad with Turmeric Dressing by Feasting At Home. This is a refreshing salad with a great anti-inflammatory turmeric dressing. Click here for the recipe.

watercress salad with oranges and turmeric dressing

Vegan Cauliflower Horseradish Soup by A Virtual Vegan. Cauliflower soups are very easy to make because you can use frozen cauliflower! It is all about the spices you add to the soup. I usually use garlic in cauliflower soup but love the idea of using horseradish instead. This recipe calls for horseradish sauce but I would use fresh grated horseradish. Be careful how much you add since a little bit goes a long way! Click here for the recipe.

vegan cauliflower horseradish soup

Cheddar Horseradish Colcannon by Healthy Seasonal Recipes. This recipe is mashed potatoes made fancy by adding kale and horseradish. Healthy Seasonal Recipes includes a video showing how to make the recipe which calls for grated horseradish. If you aren't willing to grate the horseradish, prepared can be used as well. Click here for the recipe.

horseradish colcannon on a plate

Kale Bell Pepper Chicken by The Kitchen Paper. This recipe is so simple and is ready in 30 minutes, making it a perfect weeknight dinner option. It uses boneless chicken breasts but you could substitute boneless chicken thighs for a more economical option. Plus, the cooking is done all in one pot! Who doesn't love that? Click here for the recipe.

kale chicken and red bell peppers in a pan

Garlic Parmesan Kale Pasta by Budget Bytes. This is another quick and easy dinner that can be on the table in 30 minutes. Simply make the pasta, saute the Kale in butter, olive oil and garlic and dinner is ready! You may not even have to click through to the recipe it is that easy! But if you want to. Click here for the recipe.

pasta with kale in a skillet

I hope you enjoyed this post on kale, watercress and horseradish. They are great foods to add to your routine when working on improving your gut health. They are high in fiber, contain digestive enzymes and kill bad bacteria.

Do you think you will try kale, watercress and/or horseradish? Let me know your thoughts by leaving me a comment below.

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