How To Eat More Amazing Vegetables And Less Meat

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you heard the term plant based eating? Are you confused about what exactly it means? Eating plant based does not mean you are becoming vegetarian or vegan. It simply means you are choosing to eat less meat, chicken, pork and fish. Instead, you are eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

eating plant based means there is a wide variety of options for breakfast lunch and dinner

How to transition to a plant based diet? The schedule can be anything you want. For example, you can eat mostly plant based for breakfast and lunch 7 days a week. Then for dinner, you have a small piece of meat along side vegetables and whole grains. Another example would be for a couple of days a week or up to 4 days, you eat plant based breakfast, lunch and dinner. The remaining days of the week you eat meat, chicken, pork or fish whenever you want.

The flexibility is what is so great about plant based eating. You define how you want to do it. It can fit into any lifestyle. Even if you don't like to cook, there are a variety of ways to eat plant based by relying on frozen and refrigerated foods like veggie burgers and even prepared meals.

Why should you consider eating plant based? Because it is a healthier way to eat with solid health benefits. There are many examples of how people are able to reverse damage done to their bodies by simply switching to a mostly plant based diet after eating meat, chicken, pork and fish for their entire lives.

Read Peaceful Dumplings story, about how she was overweight, eating the typical American diet (full of processed foods), not eating vegetables or cooking her own meals and suffering from IBS. Jane Plant's success story is about how she changed what she ate and was able to cure the cancerous tumor she had in her neck.

I've had my own experience with measurable results. After deciding to eat more vegetables and cut back on meat, chicken, pork and fish, my cholesterol levels dropped 20 points in the first year. My cholesterol wasn't even high! I was shocked!

In addition to lowering my cholesterol, I have more energy, am able to manage my weight easily and feel better overall. I don't get sick which means my immune system is strong and working well. I eliminated constipation, brain fog, feeling tired all the time and an embarrassing skin condition on my arms.

Does any of this sound like you?

👉Diarrhea and/or constipation, and intestinal discomfort


👉Congestion, coughing, wheezing

👉Brain fog, difficulty recalling words, short term memory issues

👉Headaches and migraines

👉Hives and itchy skin

👉Acne or eczema

👉Tired all the time

👉Can't stand to smell fragrances and chemicals

If so, your gut is unhealthy and a mostly plant based lifestyle can help! Learning how to go plant based and eliminating your symptoms can be hard! I am here to help!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist obsessed with teaching people just like you how to heal their gut so you can stop suffering the embarrassing symptoms and get back to living!

I offer a FREE 30 minute call where we will talk about your specific symptoms and health goals and how the Simply Great Health program can help.

How would eliminating your symptoms improve your life? You could:

✅Be more present with your children

✅Thrive in your career

✅Improve your communication and your relationships

✅Have more fun!

✅Move your body and improve your fitness

✅Lose weight and feel better about yourself

✅Be able to cook healthy meals for you and your family

✅Take an active vacation

✅Reclaim your life!

Simply Great Health is a customized 5 Step plan that heals your gut and fits your busy lifestyle.

Book your call directly here.

It’s very simple. No jumping through hoops and NO PRESSURE.

If we determine it’s not a fit, we’ll go our separate ways for now.

If it is a fit, we can take the next step and get you started on the path to healing.

Unfortunately, our culture thinks that we need to live on pharmaceuticals to overcome any health condition we have. While pharmaceuticals are perfect for short term use to potentially kick start the body back towards good health, they are not a long term solution. There are too many nasty side effects that can cause additional health issues that you may not realize.

Instead, focusing on how eating clean, organic food that do not contain pesticides and are high in nutrients can help us avoid illness and disease. A great side effect of eating clean, organic foods is weight loss! Your body will naturally move towards the weight that is right for you when you give it clean, organic food.

If you've decided to eat more plant based foods but need some inspiration, I've compiled a list of recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. These recipes will help you get more vegetables into your life and help you reduce how much meat, chicken, pork and fish you eat.

The best part about being plant based is the flexibility. You don't have to totally eliminate meat. You can customize the lifestyle to your liking. For example, I typically eat plant based 3 to 4 days a week. I find it easier to stick to a schedule during the workweek and allowing myself the flexibility to choose how I want to eat on the weekend.

I hope you enjoy the recipes and see how easy it is to eat more vegetables. .



Breakfast is the easiest meal to eat without meat. There are so many options from toast toppings, to overnight oatmeal and even delicious protein bites that go so well with that first cup of tea in the morning. It just takes a little planning on the weekend to get some of the ingredients ready or even to make the whole recipe so it is simply grab and go.

Creative Toast Ideas from The Conscientious Eater.

toast with 4 different plant based toppings

Veggie Hash Brown Casserole from EatPlant-Based.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Oatmeal Bars from Skinny Ms.

Super Antioxidant Boost Smoothie Bowl from Creative Green Living

smoothie bowl with blueberries, raspberries and granola on top

Almond Molasses Protein Bites from Healthy Grocery Girl

Berry Quinoa Breakfast Bowl from Emily Kyle Nutrition

Chickpea Scramble Breakfast Bowl from Well and Full.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner might be a little more challenging to eat plant based because this is when we eat meat mostly. You may be feeling like all you are going to eat are salads. But that is just not true! While salads can be a great way to combine a lot of vegetables and legumes in one meal, there are other options. In fact, when you stop eating so much meat, a whole new world of recipes will open up to you. You won't believe the variety that you can eat when you are plant based.

Spicy Buffalo Chickpea Wraps from Minimalist Baker

Cozy Quinoa and Sweet Potato Chili from Plant Based on a Budget

Thai Chili Corn Salad from Fit Foodie Finds

thai corn chili salad in a bowl

Braised Cauliflower with Pasta from Monkey and Me Kitchen Adventures

Garden Vegetable Lasagna from Tastes Lovely

Mushroom Barley Soup from Two Peas and Their Pod

Cuban Black Beans and Rice from Well Plated by Erin

cuban black beans and rice with plantains on a plate

Cauliflower Hash from An Edible Mosaic

Slow Cooker Barley and Chickpea Risotto from Foxes Love Lemons

I hope this post about eating more plant based foods inspires you to cut back on the amount of meat, chicken, pork and fish you eat. Your health will improve significantly when you do.

Do you think you will try to eat more plant based meals? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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