How To Make A Simple Plant Based Meal

Are you trying to eat more fruits and veggies and less meat? Eating at least one plant based meal per week can help your body become healthier. A report shared by Meatless Monday states that a high meat diet is associated with adverse health outcomes such as cancer, heart disease, obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

how to make simple plant based meals

During the pandemic, we've learned that individuals who are obese (defined as having a BMI of 30 or higher), coronary heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes are at an increased risk of contracting viruses, such as Covid-19. These illnesses are often the result of following the Standard American Diet, which means eating processed foods, very little fruits and vegetables and not exercising.

The Standard American Diet is the diet we often see portrayed in the media. Commercials for sugary, sweet, off-the-shelf cereals being enjoyed by people of all ages. People in sitcoms and movies eating pastries, fast food and big pieces of meat. While indulgences are and should be part of our lives, eating the Standard American Diet everyday leads to illness and disease.

Medical News Today states that chemically processed foods often only contain refined ingredients and artificial substances, with little nutritional value. They tend to have added chemical flavoring agents, colors, and sweeteners. These ingredients cause havoc in our bodies.

Believe it or not, our bodies fight hard for us to be healthy. They don't want us to be ill or have disease. Every time we eat a processed food, our body has to figure out what to do with the chemicals. As the body fights the chemicals because it can't get nutrients from them, the body gets tired. When the body gets tired after years of fighting chemicals, it can no longer keep us healthy. The body allows illness and disease to set in.

woman doubled over in pain because she is eating processed food

Symptoms are how the body starts to show us we are sick and we need to make changes. Paying attention to the symptoms and making lifestyle changes can reverse the damage we've done. The amazing part is that once we decide to make lifestyle changes, the body can heal quickly.

Here is my story:

  • I had a very hard time regulating my blood pressure. It was always 130/80, which is not terrible but it was a sign that something was wrong. Heart disease runs in my family. The blood pressure reading was concerning.

  • I started eating a plant based diet to reduce the amount of meat I was eating. I had been reading a lot that eating meat regularly was just not good for our bodies. I started by not eating animal products 1 day a week.

  • Within 1 year, my cholesterol levels dropped 10 points (it wasn't even high), my bowel movements were becoming regular and constipation was reducing. My weight stabilized and I no longer had to think about losing weight.

  • While my blood pressure was not lower, my body was telling me I was on the right track by changing how I was eating.

  • Ultimately, to lower my blood pressure, I needed more magnesium in my diet. I had to turn to supplements since getting large amounts of magnesium from food was difficult. At the time, I was not eating organic.

  • Once I started taking magnesium, it only took 1 year to lower my blood pressure and keep it low. I was very happy that I avoided pharmaceuticals. While pharmaceuticals are great for short-term resolution of a health issue, there can be nasty side effects when using them long term.