How To Make Delicious And Easy Gut Healthy Breakfasts

A breakfast with gut healthy foods doesn't have to be hard! It may seem like it is, especially if you are suffering from embarrassing symptoms of an unhealthy gut. Gas, bloating, fatigue and abdominal pain are just a few of the annoying and painful signs of an unhealthy gut.

It is also very discouraging when you know you can't eat like everyone else. Even though you want to eat a bagel or store bought muffin that was brought to the office, but you have to say no because it will make you bloat or have gas or even worse, send you running to the bathroom.

delicious and gut healthy breakfasts

One of the best things you can do to make gut healthy breakfasts is to find out what foods you are allergic or sensitive. There are two ways to do this. First, an elimination diet, which means you stop eating foods that you think are causing your symptoms for a period of time. Then you slowly add them back into your routine, noticing if they trigger any symptoms. Second, take an at home food allergy test.

A food allergy test can quickly identify what foods are problematic so you can stop eating them. Once you know, you can easily change how you are eating which will help you feel better and should alleviate some of your symptoms. There are two companies that you can buy a food allergy test from: Everly Well and Great Plains Laboratory. The test is good for 5 to 7 years.

While finding out the best foods for gut health by eliminating or reducing them from your lifestyle, there are other areas that need to be supported to fully manage and improve gut health. If you aren't sure where to start, I can help!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist teaching others how to stop suffering from the embarrassing symptoms of an unhealthy gut so they can get back to living. If you are suffering from bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, bloating, brain fog or abdominal pain, you have an unhealthy gut.

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Now, back to making gut healthy breakfasts! There are specific foods to include in our breakfast routines to make sure we are feeding our gut the healthy nutrients it wants. Of course, if you are allergic to any of the foods below, make sure to omit them from the recipes I share.


Berries are one of the best foods for gut health. All berries consist of about 85% water. The rest is mostly fiber and fiber is an integral part of a healthy diet. It helps you stay regular and maintain your weight, and is essential for bowel health. (Source: Lifehack) Raspberries and blackberries packs 8 grams of fiber in a single cup. Load up on frozen varieties when they’re out of season or on sale. Blend into smoothies or simmer with herbs to make savory sauces. (Source: Consumer Reports)

Try these Gluten-Free Vegan Blueberry Muffins from Rhians Recipes.

gluten free vegan blueberry muffins to support a healthy gut


Bitter greens are green, leafy vegetables that taste bitter, because they contain glucosinolates

Many of these veggies are cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, and kale. Bitter greens are good for you because they are packed with vitamins and nutrients, including potassium, calcium, vitamins A and C, antioxidants, fiber, and even protein. 

Bitter greens improve gut health by aiding in digestion and helping the digestive system better absorb nutrients. Some common bitter greens include arugula, broccoli rabe, Collard, dandelion, radicchio, spinach and watercress. (Source: Mind Body Green) Try this Sweet Potato Kale Breakfast Salad from A Saucy Kitchen.

sweet potato kale breakfast salad for healthy digestion


Sulfur is a chemical element that is present in all living tissues. After calcium and phosphorus, it is the third most abundant mineral in the human body. Sulfur is also found in garlic, onions, and broccoli. (Source: WebMD) Sulfur has been found to improve constipation. In a 4-week study in 48 adults, eating 20 grams of sulforaphane-rich broccoli sprouts improved symptoms of constipation. (Source: HealthLine)

Try these Broccoli and Quinoa Breakfast Patties from Neurotic Mommy.

broccoli and quinoa breakfast patties


Prebiotics are types of dietary fiber that feed the friendly bacteria in your gut. This helps the gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon cells and leads to a healthier digestive system. (Source: Healthline) Some examples of Prebiotic rich foods are cacao (more on this below), asparagus, bananas, oats, apples and flaxseeds.

Cacao, the unprocessed version of chocolate, is rich in polyphenol flavanols, which, in addition to their heart-healthy properties, also have a prebiotic effect. One study found that consuming a drink rich in cocoa flavanols significantly increased the good Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli content of the gut while reducing the bad bacterial counts. (Source: Greatist)

Try this Peppermint Cacao Smoothie from Simply Organic.

peppermint cacao smoothie in a glass

I hope this blog post inspires you to add more gut healthy breakfasts to your routine. Eating for gut health doesn't have to be plain or boring. There are so many options to make breakfast better for your gut. When your gut is healthy, so is the rest of your body!

Do you think you will try any of the above? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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