How To Make Life Changing Homemade Veggie Burgers

My default dinner for vegetarian night is veggie burgers. Why? Because I can easily find frozen veggie burgers that take very little time to cook. This makes life easy especially when I've had a long workday and I'm uninspired to cook. Lately, frozen veggie burgers have become boring. While they are considered "healthy", they still have ingredients that are not so great. I realized several months ago, I fell into the trap of eating plant based junk food.

life changing veggie burgers


Plant based junk food is convenient foods disguised as healthy foods. Think about how many companies are launching plant based food products. Pizza Hut plant based pizza is one example. Kentucky Fried Chicken has plant based chicken nuggets. But what is really in these foods? Prevention magazine wrote an article on the Pizza Hut plant based pizza. Their findings were "Plant-based meats are a highly processed food, it shouldn’t be consumed because consumers feel it is automatically a healthier."

We have been duped! In the journey to eat less meat, the food industry has figured out how to tempt us to replace meat with processed food. Once I realized I was eating plant based junk food, I became more vigilant about the foods and recipes I serve my family. I stopped buying meatless grounds for lasagna, ziti and soups. I might buy pre-made veggie burgers once every two months instead of every week.

Finding new recipes and learning new skills to make my own veggie burgers wasn't that hard. Like any new habit, I practiced and experimented. Sometimes I made a winner, sometimes it wasn't that good. The one requirement I have is to find recipes that can come together quickly and can be eaten cold or hot, depending on the weather. One reason why I need food that can be eaten both cold or hot is I am cutting back on how often I microwave food.


Did you know that microwaving foods results in the loss of nutrients? The loss of nutrients happens when you add liquid to food, cook it in the microwave and then throw out the water. Since microwaves use high heat, the nutrients get pushed into the water and if you aren't drinking the water, the nutrients are lost.

kitchen island with stove and microwave in the background

Also, microwaving food makes it harder for our bodies to digest the food. When a food is microwaved, it's amino acids (the building blocks of protein) become much shorter and closer together. When this happens, our bodies have to work much harder to breakdown our food.


There is a lot of confusion about what a plant based lifestyle means. Does it mean you are vegetarian or vegan or something in between? For me, it is all about balance. I eat plant based four days a week. The other three days, I will eat meat, chicken or fish. I find my body still needs some animal products to feel healthy.