I Found An Easy Way To Get Healthy

Eating food to fill me up both emotionally and physically is something I've dealt with most of my life. A child of divorce (not once but twice), living in households that were emotionally and physically abusive, food was the only way I had to feel happy. I didn't know why it made me happy, it just did.

an easy way to get healthy

Having an unhealthy relationship with food haunted me for most of my life. My weight went up and down. I didn't know how to make healthy food choices but I suspect neither did my mom. Healthy family dinners didn't happen. We may have had a vegetable with a meal but it was overcooked and flavorless. Usually a pile of mush alongside a slab of overcooked meat.

My mom put me on a diet at age 9. I developed a distorted relationship with food, how my body looked and exercise. Throughout the majority of my adult life I had no idea what being healthy meant. I just knew I had to strive to lose weight and often had an unrealistic weight goal. That was my only focus. A number on the scale.

When I was finally living on my own, money was very tight. I usually only had enough money to eat 1 box of mac and cheese a day. I made the powdered cheese sauce with water and butter (if I had butter). Vegetables were never a consideration.

dried macaroni

When I went to college later in life, I was inspired to learn to eat better when I took Nutrition 101 as an elective. I was shocked to learn how eating balanced meals could impact our health. The seed was planted! But I still didn't deviate from the routine I built around eating. Meals consisted of dairy, meat, chicken, pork, occasionally fish, pasta, potatoes and a salad.

Fast forward 5 years later, out of college and working in Telecommunications, I was laid off. I needed a new job and telecommunications was out. The industry had tanked and a lot of people lost their jobs, not just me. I found an opportunity as a Marketing Assistant at a vitamin manufacturer. My passion for health was ignited!

Working at the vitamin manufacturer, I learned about how vitamins, minerals and herbs could support good health and prevent illness and disease. I started experimenting, taking glucosamine chondroitin for osteoarthritis and probiotics for my gut. The results were astonishing! Even though I did not change how and what I was eating.

Then, I started having health issues. High blood pressure was the first diagnosis. My family has a history of heart disease (men and women) so I figured I was doomed to have a heart attack. Turns out only 25% of any disease is genetic in nature. Most diseases are lifestyle related. The reason why families consistently have the same results could be because they are taught the same lifestyle and simply don't know any different.

checking blood pressure

When I had high blood pressure, I knew I could manage it naturally with vitamins. I no longer had the aches and pains from osteoarthritis since taking glucosamine chondroitin. That gave me confidence I could lower my blood pressure naturally. Sure enough, after researching the topic, it turns out being deficient in magnesium results in high blood pressure. I had great results with magnesium and have since added meditation. My blood pressure has been normal for many years.

The key for solving my high blood pressure was finding the information, taking action (in this case a magnesium supplement) and being patient. Did my blood pressure return to normal in a week? No! It took a slow and steady decline. The first year I had really great improvements. But returning to normal and staying normal took many years. I was lucky I didn't have any other medical condition so I could afford taking time to go slow.

Fast forward 17 years later, I became the go-to person for friends, family and colleagues on all topics for healthy living. Now you may be thinking, "Oh, this is where the story turns to taking supplements as the easy way to get healthy." Think again! While I incorporating supplements is part of my daily routine, they are only one part of being healthy. Other parts include food, movement, hydration and managing stress. I had to learn how to do it all.


Do you want to?

👍Avoid getting colds and flu

👍Increase your energy

👍Boost mental clarity

👍Sleep soundly

👍Lose weight and keep it off

👍Stop bloating and excess gas

👍Eliminate constipation and/or diarrhea

👍Feel less stressed

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The easiest way I found to get healthy is to start small, go slow and be patient. Let me repeat: Start Small, Go Slow and Be Patient.

Going slow and being patient is not so easy in the USA. Some cultures even have a term for our hectic lifestyle, they call it, "Hurry Disease". We think we have to be constantly on-the-go, working hard and playing hard to have a full and meaningful life. The pandemic may have changed the hurry and go mentality, but I bet many are just waiting until they can return to a hectic pace.

Start small, go slow and be patient is a philosophy that we can use to achieve New Year Resolution. Let's try it on a popular one: Eat Healthy.

roasted vegetables on a tray


Searching Google is most often how we start to figure out how to eat healthy. There are so many great ideas and products that show up in search results. Topics like healthy snacks to buy, healthy family dinners and healthy casseroles are pretty popular. Also, specific recipes that balance a family favorite with a healthy spin, such as healthy sweet potato casserole and healthy green bean casserole, are great starts.

Once a list of healthy options is compiled, a shopping list is created and a motivated person thinks this is the year they will finally eat healthy! The enthusiasm and energy towards the goal is high. The glow of working on a new year resolution lasts a couple of weeks and then, the old routine surfaces. Frustration occurs, the new year resolution fades and is eventually forgotten.

Now let's take a start small, go slow and be patient approach to learn how to eat healthy:


An obstacle for success is our current routine is easy and comfortable. It doesn't require thinking or decisions. It is automatic. Changing the routine takes practice. Starting small brings success to make this change.

#1: Figure out why you want to eat healthy by asking yourself the below:

  • What does eating healthy mean to me?

  • What does eating healthy help me to achieve?

  • How will I feel when I am eating healthy?

Document your answers and place them somewhere you can easily see them everyday. Maybe by the bathroom mirror or as a background on your computer. When you read why you want to eat healthy everyday, it reinforces the steps you will take that day to eat healthy.

woman in a park asking why

#2: Define the change

Taking small steps to change a routine means defining the exact change you are going to take. Eating healthy means a lot of different things and there is no wrong answer. It just needs to be specific. Let's pretend that eating healthy for you means that you want to reduce eating meat, chicken and pork. That is a great start! However, we need to define how often and when. The change becomes:

I want to eat less meat, chicken and pork for lunch three days a week.

Notice how specific the statement is. Now there is a clear roadmap for what the change is, when it will occur and how many times.


#3: Take action

In order to achieve the change, you need to prepare to practice the change. This means finding new lunch recipes that will keep you full but does not have meat, chicken or pork. Recipes such as healthy soup recipes or vegetable stir-fry's may be the new lunch meals. Maybe it is vegetable soup and salad or frozen veggie burgers with a side of steamed vegetables. Whatever the new meals are, the ingredients and products need to be purchased to eat.

cooking class

#4: Schedule the Change

In our defined change statement, we identified three times a week as how often we will practice. But what three days? Maybe it is easier on the weekend to eat a meatless lunch. Maybe it is Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The days you select are whatever days are the easiest for you to eat the meatless lunch.


#5: Practice the change

It can be hard to practice the change because life happens! All of a sudden an emergency lunch meeting at work happens and you have to eat the pizza that was brought as compensation. The kids have a travel hockey game and you have to eat on the road. Do not get frustrated! Do not stop working on your goal. If you have to miss a day that you scheduled to practice the change, just start again when you can. Maybe rescheduling to another day helps you practice or maybe you have to forego that day and the change only happens twice that week. The important part is to simply start again when you can.

practice spelled out in scrabble letters

#6: Be accountable

Being accountable can be the hardest part. Being accountable to yourself may mean recording the change as a task on a calendar and checking it off when it is complete. Maybe you need a friend or family member to be that person to ask you about the change. Maybe it is a health coach, such as myself, who can help. Whatever you decide, the ability to be accountable is the key to success.