Plant Based For Beginners Made Simple And Easy

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

Are you thinking of reducing the amount of meat, chicken, pork and fish that you eat? You are not alone. Eating more fruits, vegetables and whole grains is a very popular trend. The Beet reports that over 9.7 Million Americans follow "plant-based diets." While that is a very tiny number compared to the total population of 328 Million, plant based eating has been growing more popular. Why?

plant based for beginners made simple and easy

For the health benefits! Americans are learning that food is just one way to improve their health or even prevent future illness. The Plant Based Foods Association reports that 39% of people eating plant based do it for their health. The health benefits are amazing! Not only can eating plant based help you lose weight, reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it can also improve gut health and strengthen the immune system.

The immune system lives in our gut. If the gut is unhealthy, so is the rest of your body! How do you know if your gut is unhealthy? Does this sound like you?

👉Diarrhea and/or constipation

👉Bloating and gas


👉Congestion, coughing, wheezing

👉Brain fog, difficulty recalling words, short term memory issues

👉Headaches and migraines

👉Acne, rashes and itchy skin

👉Lack of energy

👉Sensitivity to fragrances and chemicals

These “vague” symptoms all point to an unhealthy gut. Even if you said yes to just one of the above, your gut is unhealthy. Eating a plant based diet is just one way to restore the gut. Not sure what else you can do to stop experiencing the embarrassing symptoms listed above? I am here to help!

I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist teaching people just like you how to stop suffering from the embarrassing effects of an unhealthy gut so you can get back to living. I offer a FREE 30 minute call where we will talk about your specific symptoms and how to heal your gut using the Simply Great Gut Health program.

Simply Great Gut Health is a customized 5 Step plan that heals your gut and fits your busy lifestyle.

How would eliminating your symptoms improve your life? You could:

✅Be more active with your children

Focused and productive at work

Sleep better

Have more energy

Stop running to the bathroom

Workout without fear of an accident or farting

Lose weight

Restore your confidence

Take an active vacation

Reclaim your life

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It’s very simple. No jumping through hoops and NO PRESSURE.

If we determine it’s not a fit, we’ll go our separate ways for now.

If it is a fit, we can take the next step and get you started on the path to healing your gut.

A plant based diet improves gut health by providing a lot of healthy fiber, which promotes the growth of good bacteria in the gut. When good bacteria is plentiful in the gut, it helps improve the ability of the body to fight infections, such as colds, viruses and flu. A plant based diet also provides plenty of antioxidants to fight free radicals that damage and cause inflammation in the body.

What might surprise you is eating plant based does not mean you give up eating meat, chicken, pork or fish. Instead, it is a conscious decision to reduce the amount of animal products that you eat. One of the best parts about eating plant based is the flexibility.

The only rule is to reduce the amount of animal products you eat. You can eat plant based one day a week or seven days a week. You can have one plant based dinner a week while eating animal products the rest of the day. The schedule is totally up to you. There aren't fancy foods to buy, eating schedules to follow or counting calories like other diets.

Ready to try eating plant based? Here is the beginners guide to start the transition.

#1 Make Family Favorites Without Meat

This is the easiest way to get started. Do you make lasagna with meat? Next time, make it with mushrooms, zucchini, onions and broccoli. Do you cook chicken stir fry for dinner? Leave out the chicken and add more vegetables, such as bell peppers, broccoli, mushrooms and onions.

Cooking meals you normally eat with meat and simply eliminating the meat, there isn't any guess work or using new recipes. It builds confidence when trying to eat a little differently that the family is still going to love the meal you cooked. After a couple of weeks, when the family is used to eating recipes without meat, that is when you can try new recipes. Below are a couple of my favorite meat-less recipes. Click on the name of the recipe to be brought to it.

Easy Chickpea Curry by A Couple Cooks

Roasted Cauliflower Salad by Love and Lemons

Vegetarian Taco Salad by Eating Well

Easy Vegetable Lasagna by Inspired Taste

vegetable lasagna is an easy meal to make for the family without meat

#2 Try New Plant Based Products

After you get used to eating meals without meat, you can venture out to try new products. Especially frozen products that make life so easy when there isn't a lot of time to cook. Products like veggie burgers, plant based nuggets and sausages. There are so many great products to try. Most grocery stores will have a plant based freezer section. Of course, this is going to be trial and error. Until you find the products the family really likes, have an open mind and ask the family to be flexible and honest about the products they like and would eat again.

#3 Try New Vegetables, Fruits and Grains

After a routine is established eating plant based and you've found a few core products that the family likes, its time to start trying new vegetables, fruits and grains. Most of us have a selection of products we always eat. Routine makes life easy! But one of the best parts of a plant based lifestyle is the variety of foods.

The produce and grain aisle is full of new opportunities to try something new. Not sure where to start? A recipe always helps. Below are a few for inspiration. Click on the name of the recipe to go to it.

5 Ingredient Gnocchi, Broccoli and White Bean Bake by She Likes Food

Broccoli, Cheddar Brown Rice Cakes by Cooking Light

Roasted Cauliflower Tacos by The Kitchn

Easy Lo Mein by Damn Delicious

easy vegetable lo mein for the whole family to eat for dinner

As you can see, starting to eat a plant based diet is very simple. There isn't any mystery or rules that you have to follow. It is so easy to customize meals to what you like and gives you the opportunity to try new foods and recipes. Your health will significantly approve and you will feel better following a plant based lifestyle.

Do you think you will try to eat more plant based meals? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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