The Truth About Going Gluten-Free

Almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I was shocked! When I think about it now, I realize I had the symptoms and my body was telling me I was sick, I just didn't listen. Even though I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, I didn't pay attention to the signs and signals that something was wrong. This taught me a very valuable lesson: even very small changes in our body or habits, such as sleeping a lot more, means something is different. It may be the first sign of an illness or it may be a reminder to start paying close attention to our health.

truth about going gluten free

Before I was diagnosed, I worked at a job with a very toxic work environment. I often came home upset, tired and angry. Even when I was at work, I couldn't concentrate, I was unmotivated and I dreaded going to the office. Since I was spending so much time at a job I hated, I figured the fatigue, lack of motivation and irritability was due to stress. I was mostly plant based at the time, eating meat, chicken, pork and fish 3 days a week. I am 80% organic and strive t