Practical Gut Health Results From 9 Terrific Recipes

Did you know food can heal your gut? That's right! While you may feel food is the enemy if you are suffering from embarrassing symptoms such as gas, bloating and diarrhea, eating the right foods are very beneficial for promoting a healthy gut. What are the right foods?

Foods high in fiber and foods that you are not allergic or sensitive. Taking a food allergy test can determine if you have an allergy or sensitivity to specific foods. You can take an at home test from either Everly Well or The Great Plains Laboratory. A simple finger prick and in a couple of weeks you will know which foods to avoid in your routine.

9 recipes with asparagus, pineapple and parsnips for good gut health

You can also try an elimination diet but that will take much longer. An elimination diet is one where we take specific foods out of our routine for a period of time and then reintroduce it slowly to see if it triggers a negative reaction. Since an allergy or sensitivity can take days to show up, it is hard to figure out if the food we've reintroduced is really causing the issue. Why is it so bad to eat foods we are either allergic or sensitive to?

When we eat foods that we are allergic or sensitive to, it causes our body to constantly fight to become balanced. A food that we cannot digest properly causes constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas and abdominal pain. But it also causes moodiness, fatigue, brain fog, acne, skin rashes, lack of energy, stomach gurgling and frequent belching. By knowing what foods to avoid, our gut begins to heal and goes back to what it wants to do: process and absorb nutrients from the food we are eating to help our bodies stay healthy.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms I've listed above, then your gut is not healthy. How would eliminating those symptoms improve your life? You could:

Be more present with your children

Thrive in your career

Improve your communication and your relationships

Have more fun!

Move your body and improve your fitness

Lose weight and feel better about yourself

Be able to cook healthy meals for you and your family

Take an active vacation

Reclaim your life!

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Now, once you've eliminated foods that you are allergic or sensitive to, then you can focus on eating foods that support a healthy gut. Asparagus, parsnips and pineapples are just a few gut friendly foods. Here is why:

Asparagus is high in insoluble fiber. There are two types of fiber, insoluble and soluble fiber. Insoluble fiber adds bulk to stool and supports regular bowel movements. It also contains a small amount of soluble fiber, which dissolves in water and forms a gel-like substance in the digestive tract. Soluble fiber feeds the friendly bacteria in the gut, such as Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus . (Source: Healthline)

asparagus on a sheet pan to eat for good gut health

Parsnips are filled with both soluble and insoluble fiber. Fiber moves through your gastrointestinal tract undigested, helping to get things moving and optimizing digestive health. Increasing fiber intake has been shown to aid in treating digestive conditions like gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, and intestinal ulcers. It also promotes regularity and increases stool frequency in people with constipation. (Source: Healthline)

Pineapple is packed with nutrients, antioxidants and other helpful compounds, such as enzymes that can fight inflammation and disease. Antioxidants fight against free radicals in the body, which are linked to chronic inflammation and a weakened immune system. Since 70% of our immune system is located in the gut, keeping the gut healthy promotes a strong immune system. Pineapples are high in bromelain, which is a digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins to ease digestion. (Source: Healthline)

Now that you've learned more about why asparagus, parsnips and pineapples are gut friendly foods, let's get to the recipes so you can add these ingredients into your lifestyle. Click on the name of the recipe to go to it.

Mushroom Asparagus Quiche by Taste of Home

While asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables, mushrooms are another! So when I found this recipe, I couldn't wait to try it. It is ingenious as it uses crescent rolls for the crust. What a great idea! Quick and easy, who doesn't love that?

mushroom asparagus quiche for breakfast, lunch or dinner

Ribboned Asparagus Quinoa Salad by Cookie and Kate

Here is a beautiful yet healthy salad from Cookie & Kate. The asparagus ribbons can be made by using a specific tool or a vegetable peeler. That's right - a vegetable peeler used slowly and in the opposite direction of how you would peel, say a potato, can make long thin ribbons. This a great lunch dish or casual dinner dish if you are in a warm weather climate!

asparagus quinoa salad in a glass bowl

Lemon Asparagus Pasta by Budget Bytes What I love about this recipe, besides the pasta, is how fast and easy it is. This dish can be ready and on the table in 30 minutes. When asparagus is in season, it is an affordable dish as well. Serve with a salad and you have an easy meatless dish that anyone would love!

asparagus and pasta in a skillet

Sticky Pineapple Chicken by Just A Taste. This is a unique pineapple recipe because the sauce combine pineapple juice with traditional Asian ingredients like soy sauce & hoisin sauce. The recipe uses chicken thighs, which tend to be more affordable, since they are juicer than breasts.

sticky chicken and white rice in a pineapple

Cuban Avocado Pineapple Salad by Amee's Savory Dish. This salad is perfect for lunchtime! One change I would make, instead of iceberg lettuce, I would use arugula. I think the peppery green would lend a lot of contrast to the sweet pineapple and the vinaigrette that accompanies the recipe.

pineapple and avocado salad in a wooden salad bowl

Beef Pineapple Enchiladas by Budget Bytes. I envision this recipe can be made with the beef or without for a meatless dinner. The reason I say that is because it uses black beans in addition to ground beef. Just eliminate the ground beef with a soy-free meat crumble and BOOM! Vegetarian dinner is served.

beef and pineapple enchiladas for dinner

Carrot, Parsnip, and Lentil Casserole by Noshing with the Nolands. This is a hearty meal that can easily be your meat-less dinner choice. The recipe calls for milk & butter but you can easily make this vegan by substituting nut-milk and vegan butter.

carrot, parsnip and lentil casserole in a dish supports a healthy gut

Roasted Cauliflower and Parsnip Soup by Spoon Fork Bacon. I love that this soup uses another veggie that is in season in February - cauliflower! Roasting Parsnips brings out their sweetness which is nicely balanced by the cauliflower. This soup is so hearty, it can be served for dinner with a salad and a nice crusty bread.

cauliflower and parsnip soup in a bowl

Parsnip Fritters by Inhabited Kitchen. What a great idea! I love fritters as a side dish or a lunch dish! The recipe calls for an egg and milk but I always substitute a flax egg and nut milk for a vegan dish.

parsnip fritters on a table

I hope this post inspires you to add asparagus, parsnips and pineapple into your routine. These ingredients support a healthy gut with soluble fiber, insoluble fiber and digestive enzymes. Food can help your gut heal! Do you think you will try any of the recipes above? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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