What Happens When You Focus On Your Health

I've been thinking about how devastating and stressful the corona virus pandemic has been for the world. We work hard every single day for our careers, family, school and hobbies leaving very little time to focus on our health. Not focusing on our health, leaves us vulnerable to contracting new viruses as well as the routine illnesses and diseases that are common in the U.S.

what happens when you focus on your health? you are more energetic, joyful and avoid illness

Can we learn to prioritize our health? If we did, would we stay healthy, prevent disease and illness? Would we be even more successful at our careers, family, school and hobbies? The answer is YES, YES, YES!

Unfortunately, we never think about our health until we have an urgent health scare or we are told from a Doctor that we are now ill. It happens suddenly and without warning. A few reasons why we don't think about how to stay healthy until it is too late:


In school, we may take a gym class, a general health class and maybe even an introduction to nutrition in college to satisfy an elective requirement. But we aren't consistently taught how to take care of our bodies throughout our lives. Each stage of our lives, our bodies require different aspects of health. That is why taking care of our health can be challenging.

The childhood and teen years are all about development. The 20's are when we establish routines and need essential nutrients to build a strong foundation for later in life. The 30's are focused on reproductive health and maybe preventative health depending on family concerns. The 40's & 50's focused on preventative health. The 60's & 70's may mean managing a health condition.

Recognizing that taking care of our bodies is a life long effort, means we would have less chronic disease at all stages of life. We would be healthier and can pass this knowledge down to our families so that healthy living is just part of our lifestyle. The good news is that even if we haven't taken care of our health all of our life, when we decide to start, we can reverse a lifetime of unhealthy decisions. Read my post about this by clicking here.

multi-generational family sitting at the table eating dinner


In TV, movies, magazines and social media never is there a food advertisement about eating USDA certified organic food or eating less meat. But the Pork industry advertises and has us believing that pork is the healthy, other white meat.

Never do you see a family show where the children are exercising with their family. Instead, family TV shows center around kids playing computer games and eating unhealthy food. I believe there is a trend toward learning how to take care of our own health especially given the corona virus experience.

But we have a long way to go. Until we can pass healthy living education down to younger generations and make it so normal the media has to put it into advertisements, movies, TV and social media, we'll continue to have super viruses surface and witness untimely deaths.


When I started transitioning to organic foods in my house it wasn't easy. The organic produce selection in the local grocery store was small and limited. I tried a local small mom & pop store but while they have a big organic sign in the window, I was suspect that the vegetables were really USDA organic certified.

chopping vegetables on a table

But fast forward a couple of years later, I can drive to a Whole Foods in 20 minutes and Trader Joe's just opened. This gives more options for organic food. The opening of Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is proof that when we vote with our wallets, change happens. Amazon and Costco have also expanded organic offerings helping our commitment in my house to reduce the amount of toxins in our life.

Do you want to? ✅Avoid getting colds and flu Increase your energy Boost mental clarity Sleep soundly Lose weight and keep it off Stop bloating and excess gas Eliminate constipation and/or diarrhea Feel less stressed

Not sure where to start? I am here to help! I am a Certified Holistic Nutritionist teaching people just like you how to stop feeling awful and get back to living. The TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK coaching call is a FREE 30 minute call where we will talk about your specific symptoms and start creating a plan on how to heal using the Simply Great Health program. Simply Great Health is a customized 5 Step plan that gets to the root cause of your symptoms and fits your busy lifestyle. Book your call directly here. It’s very simple. No jumping through hoops and NO PRESSURE. If we determine it’s not a fit, we’ll go our separate ways for now. If it is a fit, we can take the next step and get you started on the path to healing.

Here is what happens when you focus on your health.


Making healthy changes in your life results in better health. No longer do you have to worry about illness and disease. Instead, you have the energy and time to do everything you want to do. Let's take a look at my own health struggles.

I have always had trouble regulating my blood pressure. My family history has heart disease with both men and women having heart attacks. I always figured that it was a matter of when it would happen to me not if. This is a common thought pattern because we have been conditioned to believe we eventually need pharmaceuticals to live. When a Doctor tell us we have to take pharmaceuticals the rest of our lives, we accept it.

It doesn't have to be this way. Pharmaceuticals can have very negative side effects. When I started researching what to do to manage my blood pressure, the typical results were to lose weight, reduce sodium intake and stress. All are easier said than done.

What I soon came to discover is that magnesium is a critical nutrient that is involved in more than 300 bodily functions, including blood pressure regulation. I also learned most of us are deficient. I bought a magnesium supplement 500 mg and started taking it every day. In 6 months, I saw a drop in my blood pressure. In one year, it was even lower.

I have consistently managed my blood pressure for a really long time just by learning and taking magnesium. This information was not shared with me by my Doctor but it is not her fault. Doctor's are not trained to suggest natural therapies. They are trained to prescribe pharmaceuticals.

It takes some expertise to get to the root cause of an illness, disease or symptom that we want to eliminate. I happen to have that expertise so I could find the best alternative for my situation.


Isn't that a wonderful statement? No more diets! I was put on my first diet at age 9. My mother told me I needed to lose weight. This has messed with my mind ever since. The constant cycle of trying every diet under the sun in order to lose weight and nothing ever had a lasting result.

The formula for being healthy is quite simple:

  • Eat mostly plant based, organic food

  • Move your body

  • Drink a lot of water

  • Practice self care

  • Eliminate toxins in your life

What isn't so simple is knowing how to do the above. Our bodies go through a 28 day cycle to purge the bad and regenerate the new. What works for one body may not work for another given our unique physiology. When each of the above are part of a plan that is consistently followed, the weight will fall off and stay off.

woman standing on a scale

Working with a practitioner who helps you develop a plan that fits your lifestyle is key. The worst thing someone can do is to give you a plan that doesn't accommodate your life. That means a well-trained practitioner will listen to how you are feeling, understand what your goals are and maps out a plan for you.

This is not a quick fix. Let's face it, where you are today has taken a lifetime to get there. Anyone who promises you a fast fix is not someone who can guide you. Will you feel better in 28 days? Absolutely! Will you have achieved all of your goals in 28 days? Nope! This is about a lifestyle change and that takes time.


When we are unhealthy, there are a whole host of symptoms that zap our energy making it hard to do everything we want to do. Symptoms such as:

  • Not sleeping

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Depression

  • Moodiness

  • Isolating ourselves

  • Unable to get out of bed

  • Inability to focus

By taking care of our health, we get our energy back. How? When our bodies are purged of the toxins, chemicals and pesticides in our food, water and environment, the body can stop fighting what we do to it and focus on keeping it healthy. Our cellular energy is damaged when toxins are introduced, zapping our energy.

Can we eliminate all the toxins from our life? No. But when we control everything we can, the body responds. When I started eating a plant based three to four times a week, I felt good. I felt lighter and had more energy. But when I switched to drinking clean water, cooking with clean water, eating organic and combined it with a meditation practice, that was the game changer for me.

two women kayaking

My energy levels are at an all time high! I sleep much better. I am more focused. I have a zest for life that just wasn't there when I was ingesting toxins. And I had no idea that this would really make the difference for me. This is another example of how very specific actions I learned to take changed my life.

I hope this post has inspired you to think differently about how to focus on your health. We really have no idea how good our bodies were meant to feel. Once you start down the path of focusing on how to stay healthy, you won't want to go back.

One key aspect of making lifestyle changes is to tell others about it. Sharing information about your goals, makes you more likely to achieving them. It can be something as simple as a post on social media, such as: Hit the gym this morning! Feeling great! Or maybe during lunch asking others what they are doing to be healthier.

Simple conversations might result in others wanting to make changes, helping to keep everyone motivated to stick to their routine. Don't underestimate the power and support of your network.

Do you think you will try any of the steps above? Let me know by leaving me a comment below.

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