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Hi, I 'm  Heather !

I Am a Board Certified Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist. I Provide Personalized Nutrition and Health Coaching services designed to help women achieve their


I've been where you are....,

Facing issues with your diet, feeling sick every now and then but you can't figure out what exactly is wrong.

Having low energy levels, brain-fog, weight gain, moodiness, bloating and embarrassing excess gas problems.

Somewhere inside yourself you know lifestyle and food choices are to blame but you are not sure how to make changes. 


You've lost confidence questioning yourself and your choices, which leads to MENTAL and PHYSICAL distress.

And trust me, from my own experience I can say that, its not about the restrictions in your life, but its about balance and learning how to create the health habits that stay with you throughout your LIFE.

Here is where I can help you.

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Health Coaching

  • Heathers Holistic Health coaching focuses on mindset and forming life long health habits focused on nutrition, movement and stress management.

  • Also, we will break your limiting beliefs to make you Unstoppable & Extraordinary.

  • Find your sense of purpose. 

  • Establish a daily routine.

  • Accountability and how to reset after a set-back


  • Do you want to eat healthier but don’t know where to start?

  • Are you curious about eating plant-based, gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan?

  • Are you tired of not feeling amazing and are finally ready to eat in a way that will change how you feel for good?

  • I will guide you to develop health habits for cooking, grocery shopping and eating out.


How It Works

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1) Book a free 30-minute strategy session. I'll get to know you and your unique challenges and needs. Then I will walk you through how my services can help you achieve the changes you would like to make in your health.

2) If we decide to work together, you'll fill out a comprehensive nutrition and coaching assessment, creating the foundation for the changes and healthy habits you would like to make. 

3) During our weekly sessions, we'll work on activities that are designed to strengthen your ability to make and sustain meaningful changes in your routine. With my unique Heathers Holistic Health Process, I create personalized protocols with food, supplements and complementary therapies. 

4) When you feel like your new holistic health routine is sustainable, our sessions will end. You will have an opportunity for remote monitoring and coaching, should you want continued support but less frequently. 

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